1. Liz Toth says

    thanks so much.. felt i was there! miss my diving..

  2. Arms Unlimited says

    Great footage!

  3. Heidi Dahlenburg Cake Artist says

    Thank you for sharing. This is so beautiful.

  4. Marty Bess says

    Wow! Wonderful, wonderful job!! Sorry but a bunch of questions if I may/I hope. 1. How many dives total is the video, so much wildlife. My wife and I are going to Sunscape Sabor in May as you did in 2016 and if we get this much wildlife I will so happy! 2. What kind of mounting system do you have your Gopro on?, real smooth no shaking. (Good job!) 3. What brand of red filter do you use?, Do you know the shade?? I have a Gopro 6 and I'm looking to mount it on an underwater mount and not a stick so I'm hoping you can help me. 4. What kind of light? 5.Lastly great editing, what program do you use and how long have you been making videos? Thanks a bunch, look forward to your reply. – Marty

  5. JoYo Puddin says

    what camera were you using?

  6. John Poe says

    an invisible God created amazing life and hid it below the surface………

  7. Hunter McNickle says

    what scuba (company, I guess) did you use cuz i was there at the same time… I used blue magic. I might have seen you XP

  8. Paul dmitriev says

    thats so cool i wish i could go scuba diving

  9. Pluckinthaguitarra says

    This video is fantastic; I love everything about it! Would you mind telling me what music this is?

  10. Robyn Morris says

    This is a beautiful film.  I love the photography and music.  We just got back from diving in Cozumel in May of this year.  It was our first time.  We stayed at the Cozumel Palace.  We can't wait to go back for more diving.

  11. SeikiBrian says

    Finally! A dive video that has good videography AND a good soundtrack! I'm so tired of clicking on thumbnails only to be taken to jerky, out-of-focus, badly-lit videos with loud, inappropriate, "thrash" music.

  12. sihote says

    Thank you for great memories! Wonderful movie and great cameraman!

  13. Potato Tomato says


  14. Micheal Bishop says

    June for me and my graduate…before he heads of to the Navy!

  15. Kim Christian says

    Thanks for sharing! Amazingly beautiful! We love diving Cozumel! Haven't been in a couple years!

  16. Janet Allnutt says

    Beautiful film ! Boy am I going to be in for a treat next January!

  17. Scott Forrest says

    Loved this video. Nice work, smooth camera work, nice edit. Really enjoyed that! Thanks for posting it.

  18. tslazoo says

    Would love to have seen your video in HD. Looks great but appears out of focus, blurry at times. Good video though

  19. aosunshine71 says

    Wonderful video! We just got back from Cozumel and used Dive House also…great crew and awesome diving! Thanks for sharing!

  20. George Collard says

    Beautiful video!! What equipment did you use for this? Love it!

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