Why Scuba Diving is So Popular at the Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in Australia is one of the most sought after diving destinations in the world. It’s splendor lies not only in its name but also because of the fact that it is the only living organism that you can view from outer space.

The beauty of the reef from above inspires awe and reverence however when you wear the wet suit and take the plunge you will feel as if you are in an alien in another world. This is because the 2,600 kilometers of corals and coral walls of the Great Barrier Reef are abundant with marine life and underwater marine activity.

There are many water activities that guests can do at the reef, swimming, snorkeling, helmet diving, and scuba diving. Of these scuba diving is the most famous and sought after.

One reason for this is that all sorts of divers from the novice to the advanced who is looking into more training and dive experience certainly have a place in this underwater world. Novices must attend introductory classes on land before they are let into the water.

The Great Barrier Reef consists of 3000 reefs that you can choose to dive into. You can’t go to all of them that is why you have to pick the one that suits the kind of diver you are.

Open water diving is done primarily for sightseeing and is easily the most common dive at the reef. Some tour companies take guests on a guided night dive which is a chance for you to see marine life that only come out at night. Most popular island destinations for these dives are the Whitsundays group of islands and Lizard Island.

Certified wreck divers can go to one of the 30 shipwreck sites of the Great Barrier Reef where divers are allowed to explore. An example of such site is the wreck of Captain James Cook’s ship named “Endeavor”.

In drift diving the diver jumps into the water that has a known current and simply allows himself to drift and watch the whole surrounding float by. Popular dive sites are Herron Island and the Ribbon Reefs along Cairns and Port Douglas.

What You Can See Where

At Cairns particularly the Cod Hole, you will see various fishes such as the Maori wrasse, eels, and the gentle but huge potato cods. At the Far Northern region you can see caves which is the place where green turtle gather.

At the Coral Sea you will see amazing reef mountains where you can see various fishes, gorgonian fans, and of course corals. The best place to go to here is the Osprey Reef where guided tours sometimes hold feed the shark dives.

The walls of Castle Rock at Port Douglas at the Great Barrier Reef are another great diving destination where divers will see stingrays hidden in the sand. The Nursery Bommie is often visited by barracuda, manta rays, sharks, and eels and green sea turtles.

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