Scuba Diving Philippines – The top 5 dive sites in the country

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Hey guys, back again. Here is my picks for the top 5 best locations for scuba diving Philippines! Have I missed any? Can you pronounce “Moalboal”? Not me. Watch to the end where I get a little lesson in pronunciation! Enjoy!

The top 5 locations for scuba diving Philippines, as covered in this video:

5. Dauin – The muck diving paradise
4. Malapascua – Thresher sharks and Gato Island
3. Anilao – The nudibranch capital of Philippines
2. Moalboal – Sardine Run and Pescador Island
1. Tubbataha – The underwater UNESCO site, and premier scuba diving location in Philippines.

What is your favorite dive sites in Philippines? To see the ultimate list of the top 16 best dive locations in Philippines, check out the official guide on our site:


  1. Mark Thomson says

    All good places But you didn’t mention, Subic Bay, Coron, Apo Island Balicasag Island in the top 5 all better than your list with equal exception to Malapascau and Tubataha Reef.

  2. Smithsgold says

    Cool !!!!

  3. Ronald Thompson says

    I got pretty excited about Tubbataha and then realized why you've never done it. It looks like it's live-aboard only?

  4. Tricia Henares says

    Great Video!! Just uploaded my wreck dive from the Alma Jane in Puerto Galera! Please do check it out!

  5. netme187 says

    I'm currently in moalboal doing my idc (did my dm there as well) been to almost all on the list but the most nudes where in El Nido

  6. sinetwo says

    I'm looking forward to this. What are the closest sites to Manila please? As I'd like to do the least amount of intertravelling as possible

  7. Gecko says

    I'm watching News TV here in the Philippines. I saw person in TV that looks like you is that you? The Video was all about scuba diving in Philippines and was been highlight in video wall in New Jersey?

  8. Vitomir Maricic says

    underwater stuff kick ass. Cool.

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