1. Docandwyatt1 says

    Are you using a red filter or is your color correction done in post?

  2. Peter M. says

    Great footage and editing! 🙂 Greetings from Germany

  3. Branislav Jovic says

    Fake video. Why? Because there is background music and no bubbles . Why that stupid background music . It would be way more cooler to hear the footage

  4. Bradford Palmer says

    Thoroughly enjoyed your video.

  5. greekatso says

    @ 5:18, why do the Trumpet fish and Parrot fish follow each other so closely? Does one eat the others scraps?

  6. Amazing and Nice video!!!!

  7. Gabriela Mignone Gabi says

    Amazing!!! I loved the video!!! Really nice, good pictures, good music, edition! Scuba diving is awesome, isn't it? Congratulations!!

  8. Brooklyn Life says

    Sorry, i'm late to the party. Please keep em' comin. Music and video, great mix.

  9. stylesbradley says

    great footage,good editing and awesome video

  10. Greg F says

    How far out and how deep were you from Plaza Resort? We spent the day there on our last cruise and I didn't even think to go snorkeling. Looked like some good scuba diving, but didn't know if snorkeling would be as good, next time we go to Bonaire. And great video. Very relaxing when I cast it to the TV, turn off the lights and just watch it on the big screen.

  11. Lax-Sharks says

    Really enjoyed this, what program did you use for color correction?

  12. xander de jong says

    i'm just wondering, what did you do to the lionfish?

  13. MrMister1988 says

    Amazing quality, looks almost unreal, but very nice!

  14. Vinicius Cembranelli says

    Great pictures! Which dive sites did you like most?
    I'm going to Bonaire on January 5th. Do you have any tips? Thank you.

  15. Really liked the way you did your fish & sea life identification!

  16. Jeffrey Lebowski says

    what is the depth you were diving? below 18m ?

  17. Jazmin Ramos says

    what kind of camera did you use underwater?

  18. GOYOKINandroid says

    Visually stunning! The music don't do justice to your amazing images & work. Nonetheless, excellent kick-ass job! I don't want to make my video of scuba diving anymore! Peace!

  19. Nathan Pane says

    This is an amazing video great job dude

  20. Benjamin Thomas says

    Wow…looks like a lot of bleached coral….

  21. T Sorensen says

    Great video! Thanks for labeling so many fish. A bit long, but mostly worth it.

  22. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  23. Scarlett Raven says

    I'm a PADI open water dry suit diver

  24. SuperMageo says

    it´s all beautiful. This camera is amazing: compact and powerful

  25. Range.Time says

    Great video… What did you use for post processing/video editing?

  26. Pavao Špigelski says

    Sviđa mi se zbog oštrine i dugih kadrova.

  27. Al Souza says

    awesome video. great music. what´s the music between 4:40 and 6:30. thx.

  28. George D Bates says

    loved your footage and much of the music … who / what is the music between the 22 – 30 min marks?  thnx   my soundhound could not identify

  29. Marcolovespoutine says

    I love your video, thanks for sharing. I am wondering if you used any lighting or filters when you were filming?

  30. arch sword says

    Try Philippine diving to see Thresher sharks, whale sharks, chevron barracuda and more.

  31. Lucsiuxx YT says

    exelentes imagenes , musica horrible..

  32. Wesley W says

    Great Video! Check out my turtle video

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