1. Lot of Power says

    Great video! Which fins is she diving with? I like them a lot!!

  2. Matthew Kretschmer says

    Beautiful video, with the female diver in pink flippers.

  3. Mr. Hellas says

    Very sexy with oval mask <3

  4. Bill Latibay says

    That finning technique will do very well with the jet fins. Her buoyancy should be mentioned too.

  5. Patrick Lips says

    Quiet, easy to follow, good relax breathing. Seems to me the perfect buddy to have next to you while photographing the fishes.

  6. Ana Morales says

    Love her fins. I made a mistake buying grey/black fins. Bright-colored fins are a life-saver in low visibility

  7. conrad minch says

    Nice. Fine girl I wish I would go scuba diving with you?

  8. conrad minch says

    Nice find girl I wish I would go scuba diving with you

  9. Gary Bowen says

    She must be a Dive Master or DAN trained. Her Buoyancy Control is amazing.

  10. diver0129 says

    Nice video!

  11. Militant Dr. Dolittle says

    She dives like me, only i hate the frogkick. Sometimes i do a wave-like move from head to toe. You get pretty fast this way and you don’t need much power.
    I love how she respect the animals.

  12. MrShadowpanther3 says

    I just started shooting underwater video. I love the short clip transitions and the framing of your shots. Always looking for ideas on how to present what I capture better!

  13. strange 1 says

    Your fine I'd enjoy having a buddy with those fins I get lost easy

  14. Meister Kaos says

    I too went through the pink fin phase.

  15. B18BC5 says

    Why all the hate? Shes having fun, Some nice shots, cool scenery. Made friends with a turtle, friendly hello by a curious shark. Awesome vid!

  16. Chuck Chillout says

    Her neutral buoyancy is almost Zen like….

  17. David Bennett says

    Best diver in the world? I doubt she's the best diver on that boat. She just looks cold.

  18. Songe Songea says


  19. Luckiestof13 says

    And I thought my yellow fins were horrible in water. Ha.

  20. Dalia Hassan says

    beautiful video <3

  21. Whenever I am diving with new buddies I make a note of who has what coloured fins and what shape/style and that way I can identify who is who underwater. Cheers, Q.

  22. Alexander Lee says

    cool video of scuba diving


  23. Tommy Howard says

    Kool vid, where is the plane wreck?

  24. T- Mac says

    I'm the best masterbaiter ever!

  25. Jazmin Ramos says

    what kind of fins are those ? also ate they full foot ? or strapped?

  26. Said Abimelec says

    bad trim bad swiming bad buoyancy bad butt ugly mask. calls self best scuba diver

  27. Julie Atkinson says

    This video got me very motivated to work on my frog kick more and get wreck certified. Great video, very graceful.

  28. ikki Tenryou says

    hi.. can i know where & what brand of brand u use for this dive?? many thanks.

  29. Brownies 001 says

    great video i love the bucket mask oh and pink finz

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