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Want to see the best view of the Great Barrier Reef? Scuba dive and discover beautiful creatures from sea cucumbers to turtles to sharks. If you ever make a trip to Australia, 10/10 would recommend.





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  1. Okletsstart 2 says

    I went to it last year

  2. Giovanna Bauman says

    Just read one of the reviews. Which hotel/resort in Cairns? What else was there to do in Cairns other than diving? Seem like Cairns has the best diving but the hotels look really cheap and doesn't look like there is anything else to do.

  3. Giovanna Bauman says

    Where did you stay? planning a 7 day trip in June just don't know where to stay. How was the hotel/resort. What dive company did you use. Thanks

  4. TLM Minecraft says

    I saw a Love heart ❤️

  5. Kim Carney says

    So beautiful, makin me jealous

  6. Jimmy Mac says

    It is dying and us Australians aren't doing anything about it takes 1000 and 1000 of years. We are so lucky to have such a big reef and we are just going watch it die. We can do something but our government doesn't won't to

  7. Tommy Calderone says

    The reef looks like it's in a totally bad state. So sad.

  8. Kristina Zias says

    SO BEAUTIFUL! I am dyinggggg to scuba in the Great Barrier Reef!!!

  9. Neoncat Man says

    Boss ass bitch

  10. Jack Shand says

    the corals are all bleached D:

  11. WhiteRaven696 says


  12. Jake Aaron says

    i would love to go scuba diving and to see all the pretty fishes

  13. Humzah Aziz says

    make a video on how sydney was please

  14. Gavin Campbell says

    That was so beautiful! Makes me wanna go back out and snorkel, being in the Caribbean has some benefits

  15. Laura S says

    When i did a school trip up to townsville/cairns we got to go to green island. I met a knife in an unfortunate accident which ended with me getting stitches. While my classmates got to go snorkelling i had to go on a glass bottom boat. which was INCREDIBLE. The water was so clear and it seemed no matter how far off we got from the coast we could still see everything. To the point if you dropped a dollar coin in the water you'd still see it 30 mrs down.

  16. Unicornia says

    I would love to do this one day.. I love fish and have 3 fish tanks they are my favorite animals 🙂 Great video!!!!!

  17. MoKing89 says

    I need to upload my stupid GoPro edits lol that camera was not cheap.

  18. Robert Kohler says

    RHB. And a little anxious. Exhilarating and frightening all at the same time! That's one thing I haven't done and want to so badly! Beautiful!

  19. suehbing says

    Absolutely breathtaking!!!!! How long did it take you to get there? Over 24 hours? Long time on a plane but definitely worth it!!! Hugs Sue

  20. KIP_ UNIT says

    wow the beauty and mystery of the ocean… look a things stuff, isn't it neat wouldn't you think tha the ocean's complete… but wait where are the shark tho??? nd yes you is a bad bitch for swimming with shark B

  21. TheJustinglen says

    very neat video

  22. Carlotta Farnese says

    You should have swatted away those pesky flyfish! (Seriously tho, that looks like a mermaid dream )

  23. Cody Goodman says

    +KrishnaTheKumar Your so graceful I think I'm in love 3

  24. ChuppyDuh says

    Wow~! The water is so clean! Defo want to go scuba diving now!

  25. Tanner Zakany says

    This is genuinely the most beautifully shot and edited video I have ever seen on YouTube. Your growth in this field is absurd. Keep it up Krishna! Your content is phenomenal!

  26. Gav Meiri says

    A few things. For one, your new title is "Boss Ass Bitch Krishna." Two, I got a rash when I went in the Dead Sea. It's just nature's way of giving you a kiss. And three, the filming was amazing, as always. Keep up the good work 🙂

  27. dahtal michaels says

    hey K
    wow, that was truly beautiful
    the reef looked amazing!
    as to swimming with sharks, girl all you needed was to give them a flash of that smile, they'd have jumped out the ocean for you!
    love you loads xxx

  28. Selvyn Fuentes says

    When he said tomorrow at the end I got all excited and then I heard next week and I slammed my head down on my pillow ;P

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