Ultimate Fiji Diving HD revised

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Diving Rainbow Reef with Garden Island Resort dive shop. Video clips of clown fish in anenome, white tip reef sharks, colorful soft corals, sneaking up on a resting shark, sea turtle, Annie snake charming a blue ribbon eel out of it’s hole, the great white wall at 100′, swim throughs, playing with a giant clam and hoping it doesn’t take my finger off.
Dive sites include; GIR Reef, Rainbows End, Fish Factory, High Way, Annie’s Bommie, Jack’s Place, Great White Wall, West Point, Sam’s Point, & Blue Ribbon Eel Reef.


  1. LLARI says

    Damn. Its so sad knowing these beautiful colorful reefs are dying 🙁

  2. Shanmugam Shan says


  3. John Lasay says

    Our saltwater fish ❤❤❤

  4. Raven FPV1 says

    Nice video, some of the others I've seen do not even compare.

  5. Ram Naresh Kaahyap says


  6. Arnold Stollar says

    ParAdise, expensive.

  7. Rintu Ali says

    Nice job man

  8. Peter Petko says

    Hello Dave, It's Peter from NTD Television (Epoch Media Group). This video is great:


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  9. Jaba Chakraborty says

    Nice videos.

  10. saimun sorker says


  11. Amarjeet Singh says

    Nice video

  12. Sada Patil says


  13. Grasish Sangma says


  14. Jalal Khan says

    it is like a dream place waoooow.

  15. Love Gupta says

    It is like a dream place wow

  16. Aditya Aditya pradhan says

  17. Aditya Aditya pradhan says


  18. Aditya Aditya pradhan says


  19. Sanjay Bag says


  20. Rod Topperwien says

    How deep is this please?

  21. cuppajoe1 says

    What is the name of this dive site? Which part of Fiji?

  22. 뷰링 says


  23. michwatt says

    Hi Dave, stunning video. May I know if you have used any filters? and what color/kind? I'm learning to take better video and photos underwater. My video is kinda blue and lack of colors. Thanks in advance!

  24. Damilo Potestad says


  25. Subhash chander Thory says

    Very nice jov

  26. 張林 says

    Me regalas un coral o una anemona porque yo no puedo ir te mando mi direccion vale porfabor

  27. the terminator says

    are you allowed to catch the fish for your aquarium? and where is that place?

  28. Nasir Shaikh says


  29. barun mondal says


  30. jmh30us says

    The fish at 1:01 with purple tail. what species is that?

  31. Lorraine Cohn says

    How lush beautiful and precious is the reef. We must help keep it that way.

  32. shuwukong says

    is it true those giant clams could take a finger? I was playing with one of those a while ago

  33. Dave Schwab says

    Thanks! That was shot on a Canon SD940 IS. It's a point & shoot in a Canon housing at 720p

  34. BelizeHouse ForRent says

    Great video! What camera were you using?

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