Scubapro Trinidad Mask & Snorkel Combo

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The Scubapro Trinidad Mask and Snorkel Combination Set is a fantastic, reliable set which will improve your snorkelling experience. The comfortable mask offers an excellent field of vision and thanks to it frameless construction (the skirt is bonded straight to the lens) is very light, but strong at the same time.

The snorkel is vented allowing water to easily drain whilst the flexible corrugated section ensures the mouthpiece always sits comfortably in your mouth. The snorkel comes with a flash guard aswell which prevents any water from getting in through the top.

Rating: 5.00

  1. Mike Selman says

    Just bought one yesterday for a trip to Mexico in March. For now I will just wear it in the bathtub 😀

  2. Micah Evans says

    I have this set up, and I want to tell you, to not let the cheaper price on this mask and snorkel combo turn you off, because as a diver for 25 years now, I know a quality mask and snorkel when I see and feel them, and this Scubapro set up is top quality. Highly recommend this combo.

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