Cressi Leonardo vs Suunto Zoop Novo

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Both the Cressi Leonardo and the Suunto Zoop Novo are entry-level dive computers. You can find the complete comparison at

They offer functionalities and capabilities that are tailored to a beginner diver. They both have similar capabilities and are priced at the lower end of what you expect to pay for a scuba dive computer.

Both are worn at the wrist and feature large displays to show all relevant data in one screen. They are too large to be worn as a regular watch. Both the Suunto Zoop Novo and the Cressi Leonardo come in a variety of colors to match them nicely to your other dive gear. Or simply pick a color to make a dive fashion statement.

The Zoop Novo offers more dive modes while the Leonardo can be completely reset, making it an ideal choice for dive shops and scuba rentals. The backlight on the Zoop Novo is stronger and it has a larger dive log capacity.

Navigation on the Leonardo is through a large single button. The Zoop Novo has four buttons for navigation. Both are easy to navigate but the single button does require to step through all menu choices to get to the one you’re looking for.

Either is a great choice as an entry-level scuba dive computer. It somewhat comes down to taste and what you like better as the capabilities and pricing are pretty similar.

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  1. Max Longo says

    CRESSI WAY BETTER ! Stay away from Suunto guys:

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