Mares Puck Dive Computer Review

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The Mares Puck Wrist Computer is a easy to use RGBM dive computer with larger digits which can be easily read and there is a backlight on demand. There’s a single button to scroll through the menu options. You can keep the Puck on your wrist or put in one of the Puck consoles for a variety of mounting options.

Rating: 4.06

  1. It supposed to come with a CD explanation doe's it?

  2. Randy Ethirtysix says

    Dark lighting. Next time don't wear a black shirt

  3. Kevin Bonnici says

    Can you please let me know if this is suitable for free diving?

  4. emueagle7 says

    I recently did a 110 ft wreck dive using my new "puck" and after getting on the boat it gave me a 13 minute desat time when my divemasters computer showed 45 minutes to be out before the next dive….Any reason this reading would be wrong

  5. Nick Coburn Phillips says

    Must have bought a DUFF PUCK… Worst DIVE COMPUTER for reliability I've ever had… 🙁

  6. corchi says

    do you have to buy the usb cable for this if you want to access the information?

  7. Nohemi plaza says

    what kind of battery, I want to buy an extra one , I am not sure which one. Could you help me?

  8. Simply Scuba says

    Thank you for your message to us. Our dive experts are a little confused at present. Please can you inform us what you are referring to by setting the dive depth? Do you mean an alarm?
    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

  9. RoachManiac says

    how do i set the dive depth? I can find the area but how do i set it

  10. ecopsorn says

    thanks for the quick reply, awesome!

  11. Simply Scuba says

    @ecopsorn We haven't actually got this in stock at the moment, we are still waiting for it to arrive with us. When it does arrive we will be doing a video on it.

  12. ecopsorn says

    Is there any chance that you could cover the new Mares Puck Pro model as well?

  13. Simply Scuba says

    The battery cover on the Mares Puck is very similar to the Suunto units. A hard black cover is unscrewed to reveal the battery and o-ring. Very simple and easy to do. We can certainly look at doing battery change videos

  14. Ernie Eichhorn says

    Great video, I wish that you could show a battery change so I could see how fool proof the sealing system is. I have a Aeris manta, and the only problem I have is how "flimsy" the battery panel sealing system seems to be. The zoop looks like a rock solid seal system, and that may be the difference between the puck and it. If you could add a quick video that just shows the system that would be very useful. I have heard many recommendations for this computer but have not seen a battery change yet.

  15. James Ward says

    Really good, simple dive computer, just got one myself.

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