1. Its Me says

    "you girls"…..the girls might not know as they might be attending a Junior Padi course, same as the boys….. as for us professionals from the female part, the women that is… i don't think they have any problem with a simple compass navigation.

  2. Charis Syme says

    Did he say you girls !!!!

  3. Menno Klap says

    but what if you don't want to go to a 'Number' but to an object. Do you just simply point the red line towards the object, keep the 'boat'in the 'harbor' and look at the number above the red line? and then follow that number like you just showed?

  4. E.m.E. Studios Hannover says

    You guy are spectacular! And a little bit frustrating for us, starting to fresh up our "knowledge" in compass navigation these days. We would like to be able like you! We showed it our diving teacher as reference! Keep on!

  5. Pepijn van Dam says

    good one!

  6. itsall good says

    Really no need to have a mask on, that just makes your voice so annoying lol but good explanation all the same lol

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