Suunto Cobra 3

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Packed full of features the Suunto Cobra 3 is ideal for the avid diver. For divers of many levels the Cobra offers the ability to customize the computer to your needs, meaning you can make the most out of every dive. Switch between 2 gases in the same dive and test a dive without even getting your hair wet with the built in dive simulator, all shown on an easy to read matrix display and simple 4 button control system.

Rating: 4.26

  1. SmashingKinpumps says

    how the heck do you set the date? Ive had mine for over a year and I just realized the logged dives have the wrong dates

  2. TwistedLogic says

    If its anything like other Suunto computers it turns off on its own.

  3. Salem Ahmed says

    Great video!!!

    I was just playing with my cobra 3 and I was wondering how do I turn it off so it does not use the battery?

    Also I turned the light on, how can I turn that off?

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