The Top Accessories Every Scuba Diver Needs

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One of the cool things about scuba diving is that it is the only sport requiring participants to wear a life support system while participating! However, beyond the basic mask and tank, there are lots of additional accessories that every diver needs to think about buying for their scuba diving kit!

Dry Bags

A Dry Bag

If you are diving a site with boat access rather than the shore, then you are kindly to be on a fairly small vessel, which limits the availability of dry areas for items such as your wallet, towel and phone, which you will want to keep completely dry! That is why you need a dry bag. This will be an airtight and waterproof bag in which you can place important items to keep them dry during your trip.

Some Diving Lights

If you are diving in the evening or taking part in deep water dives, then you may be surprised at just how dark it can get to benefit the waves. That is why dive lights are desirable for your scuba diving kit. You will need a good primary light and a smaller pocket light for backup. It may also be worth investing in a headlamp as well.

Dive Compass

A Compass

The last thing that any diver wants is to get lost underwater. It is incredibly easy to get off course down there, so a good quality compass should be a staple item in your kit. Plenty of different ones on the market will attach to your gear for convenience.

Surface Signal Kits

As mentioned, keeping control of your bearings can be difficult when you are benefitting the waves, and the current does not help matters either. Every once in a while, you might find yourself surfacing away from your boat. That is why a good surface signalling kit is worth investing in as part of your dive gear. Most kits consist of a signalling mirror, whistle and inflatable signal tube.

Dive Knife

A Good Dive Knife

A good quality diving knife is an essential piece of your kit as it can come in handy if you need to cut a rope in an emergency or get tangled in something underwater. Diving knives have evolved a great deal in recent years, and you can now find excellent lightweight yet durable knives which are corrosion-proof.

Quality Clips and Retainers

One piece of gear that everyone hopes about is a set of clips and retainers. These are important for securing all of your other gear, making them a must-have accessory for every diver!

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