1. John McGuinness says

    Those Tanks look a lot bigger than the standard 100 cuf tanks. Are they 125 cuf or 150??

  2. 014Chevy says

    Wow the uk has something good?!

  3. African Twin says

    Those 12's liters look heavy 37 KG full without plate. . I use a single long 12, and i would like to upgrade to a twin set steel 8.5 Liter. Any suggestions for a wing that i can use for double 8.5 liter or maby later double 12 steel. I already have a diverite transpac harness and plate with single tank wing setup. I dont use stages.

  4. Justin J says

    Cool Man.

  5. Jaimie currie says

    i can hear the dick slurping off this guys mouth.

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