How to Clear a Dive Mask Under Water

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How to Clear a Dive Mask Under Water

In this video Im going to show you how to clear a dive mask under water.

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When you are on a dive and your mask mists up you dont want to go to the surface to clear it.

If you want to know how to clear a dive mask under water then its pretty simple.

First you need to take a deep breath and tilt your head down.
Hold the top of the mask so that the air cant escape out the top of the mask.
Breath out through your nose and while tilting your head back so that the air goes into the mask and forces the water out the bottom of the mask.

Thats how you clear a dive mask under water.

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  1. Czarny LBV/FR/UK/PL says

    Superb I have watched about 10 videos on how to clear a mask but since there was no comments I didn't quite get how exactly it worked . thx I have subscribed

  2. Skeeter Saurus says

    Purchase a U.S. Diver Aqualung Wrap-Around mask (EXCELLENT Quality Military-Issue dive mask), and simply blow out your nose while holding your head up…the nose relief has a purge valve in the bottom, and by breathing out your nose, it purges all water out of it automatically! Best design I've ever used…only mask I wear.

  3. Tammy Nesbit says

    I was having trouble taking my mask off giving it to my instructor and him giving it back to me because I have a tendency to breath throgh my nose but i was wondering if you have any tips for that problem to help me get over that

  4. robviolin1 says


  5. Conemeli says

    How do you prevent water going in your nose when flooding the mask?

  6. PlatesofWater says

    So helpful !

  7. Thomas Clark-Watson says

    So helpful, can't wait to see more!!

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