How to Properly Weight Yourself Before Your Scuba Dive

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This instructional video demonstrates the proper techniques for determining how much weight to wear for your dive depending on where you plan to scuba dive.

There are three main categories of water temperature, they are:

  • warm water (75+ degrees Fahrenheit)
  • temperate water (60-75 degrees)
  • cold water (45-60 degrees)

Scuba diving in these different conditions require a varying amount of weight; this video will talk about each category and how you should weight yourself before your dive.

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  1. juan3268 says

    Yet another misleading video. What is the stage of the tank? Full or at 500psi? This will change. You want to be neutral or slightly negative buoyant at the end of the dive. This means that you may be more negative at the beginning depending on your cylinder type and size.

  2. Auditore Etzio says

    Very informative,thanks

  3. Bob Hayward says

    Useful info. Thanks for sharing.

  4. uhateusaFU says

    I needed that. thanx

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