Suunto SK7 Diving Wrist Compass

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Rating: 4.76

  1. DiveGearReviews says

    Hi Polawo, great question. Suunto doesn't say in the description on their website so I can see how it'd be hard to find out. The answer is plastic, but the plastic seems to be covered in a rubber outer layer. That's the best I can describe, of course underneath could be metal but the external surface definitely isn't. I'd say it's some kind of impact resistant plastic with a rubber coating.

  2. polawo says

    Can I ask, what is the housing made from? Is it plastic or is a metal alloy? Thanks.

  3. DiveGearReviews says

    Not sure what a wristletband is sorry, but you can buy a bungee mount for it from Deep Sea Supply. These seem fairly popular, but I'd check to see if it's compatible with the wrist strap compass variety first.

  4. Mohammad Rahmanian says

    I have it. Its very efficient , but it didn't have any extra wristleband in the package

    Does any extra wristletband in your package?

  5. Doctor Medo says

    yo are welcome ^^ .

  6. DiveGearReviews says

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  7. Doctor Medo says

    it's really good compass > i was comfortable when used it . here in egypt it costs 70 $ .

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