Snorkeling for Non-Swimmers with Speedo Water Belt

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  1. Stllno says

    Very informative and candid video, thanks for sharing. I’m a ‘lazy’ snorkeller so it’s a great option!

  2. Shiela Pana says

    Thank you for the advice.. I'm a non-swimmer too.. I'll check where to buy this.. hopefully this is available in the Philippines..

  3. jessica semexan says

    Can u go further down in water with this belt

  4. Mary Grace delos Reyes says

    Hi there. I am planning to buy a waist floater like this. Do you think this will help me with cliff diving also? I am na non swimmer but i am uncomfortable with life vest too. Thanks in advance.

  5. sirrralex says

    I drop down in water like a rock would..i have0% buoyancy…i dont think even this will help me

  6. Geno Bobino says

    With the belt on can you swim down and float back up if you want too?

  7. Geno Bobino says

    thanks for the advice

  8. Oscar E. Yerena says

    When you went snorkeling did you have this and also a vest on?
    Planning on going snorkeling in Cabo next month. I'm also a non swimmer but dont want that to stop me from water adventures.

  9. TheBorzoilover says

    That's just what I am looking for as a non swimmer who is learning I think this will give me more confidence then noodles, just need to find out where I can buy one, many thanks for sharing.

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