Choosing The Right BCD

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Choosing The Right BCD
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BCDs come in two basic shapes; jackets and wings. Most divers learn to dive using a jacket style BCD, these inflate all around your body and around your waist so you feel nice and secure in the water and you sit in a nice position on the surface. Wing BCDs only inflate behind you in a donut or horseshoe shape between you and your cylinder. Wings are preferred by more experienced divers because they hold you in a horizontal position in the water and do not obstruct your movements when fully inflated.

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  1. Hans Kuijsten says


  2. kyndal anne says

    No reason not to start in a bp/w. So much simpler and cleaner. They're more "advanced" but a singles wing and a basic hogarthian harness isn't any more complex certainly.

    Well, if you're back mounting LOL

  3. Eamon Shields says

    Awesome video thanks !!

  4. Archie Taylor says

    Liked and subscribed loving your videos

  5. Calvin Allsbrook says

    I'm torn… The wing bcd feels better, but the jacket looks so cool!!!!

  6. Audrius Stankunas says

    another amazing guide how to choose what you need! Thanks

  7. Adam Dean says

    where would the sea quest balance fit in

  8. Tidal 9 says

    I've out grown my old bcd that i had for 3 years and got as a hand me down(its beat up) and I am looking for a new bcd, I love going vertical in the water collum, are back inflates still good for going vertical

    Does anybidy have and recomendations for a bcd for lots of scientific diving, and going vertical very often

    I'm already eyeing the aqualung axiom i-3 wrapture because I dont have to fumble between my inflator hose and my snorkle

  9. Nicole B says

    Really helpful thanks!!!

  10. Interstellarpool176 says

    This is so helpful!!! Thank youuuuuu!

  11. Adam Mason says

    Im going to be looking at a light weight travel bcd as my first one.

  12. Anata no Shi says

    personally I like the jacket style bcd

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