BlitzWolf WB1 Waterproof Smartphone Diving and Swimming Bag Case

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Instantly turn your smartphone into a submarine with our simple waterproof smartphone case.
Our IPX8 rated bag is compatible with all phones at a depth of up to 30m underwater.

It’s fast to setup: Just insert the phone and close the lock tabs.

Our case is a one size fits all solution, from your iPhone to your Samsung it will work with any smartphone. Take the BW WB1 on your next trip to the water and take some amazing underwater shots with your smartphone.

Simplify Your Life

Rating: 4.44

  1. Vito ning says


  2. John says

    Just bought one of these, it came folded in a box and is wrinkled where it's been folded, not sure if it will compromise the waterproofing over time. I did test it and it's waterproof now. Bearing in mind it could be used on a $1500 smartphone they should be stored and delivered flat.

  3. Mirrored says

    Can u send me Magnet Car Mount for the tests?

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