How to Choose Your Diving Fins

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Find out what kind of fins you might need for your diving.

We have a complete range of diving fins on our website, from scuba diving, freediving to spearfishing

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  1. Billy Stout says

    i saw you had a beuchat elite i have been freediving a little and looking to get better fins would you recomend these

  2. TheVikingGuy says

    FINALY a greate video without allot of bullshit chit chat 😀 thanks! 😀

  3. Nevile Ruas says

    Very informative, the only one I manage to find that explains the differences among them?

  4. madrx2 says

    Great video! You guys need to open up a shop in Melbourne!

  5. sjp062802 says

    Wowsers…what a great video! Thanks so much.

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