TheNice FreeBreath Snorkel Mask

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Check out my review of the full-face snorkel mask called “TheNice FreeBreath”. It is almost identical to the Easybreath mask from Tribord.

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Rating: 4.51

  1. QJ Jessica says

    I tried since then has a flat front and have been pretty disappointed in how it distorts your field of view around the outside.

  2. Neal Virtudes says

    hello would you recommend this or the tribord one?

  3. stillified says

    See all that CHINESE on the package? IT IS CALLED A KNOCK-OFF! Don't pretend you do not know… OMG… Just get a DECENT mask and a DECENT snorkel from a DECENT dive shop and get on with your life…Leave this gay shit for kiddies. Underwater activities like SCUES are NOT something you should be going out and buying equipment for unless you are well informed OR unless you are PADI certified because PADI divers know everything from their 6 hours of training on their cruise to the Bahamas…

  4. Robert W says

    They now come with a longer top piece but they break too easy on the sides.

  5. AlabaiCA Channel says

    Thank you for the review. I just got exactly same mask and already tried to snorkel in it. Had same result–it is much more difficult breathing in it than in a regular snorkel mask with regular breathing tube plus the ball in the valve tends to stock in some position of head.

  6. daddy dankmemes says

    I made one of these with a tube. goggles and scissors

  7. Kieran .5798 says


  8. Kieran .5798 says

    Can u breath underwater with is for ages

  9. Grimis8848 says

    will it work if you have a beard?

  10. Kirsten Gabrielle says

    So is it easy to use??

  11. Sherwin Gallego says

    Wronh explanation about the dry top feature(the ball on the snorkel top). It should go down when not in the water and it should go up when the water reaches the top.

  12. Sand Sand says

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