[DIY] Suunto D4i Novo – Battery Replacement

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This short clip will help you demonstrate on replacing your D4i Novo battery with no fuss.

Hope this helps you guys watching or add more of your storage of knowledge on simple battery replacement.

Thank you to all

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  1. Ahmed Kurdi says

    don't you have to test it first before diving with it?

  2. Bruno Schwed Razaboni says

    did you used any product on the screews ?

  3. Paul Komn says

    The initial DL2450 battery is wrong. It has different dimensions and don't fit exactly in suunto d4. The second CR2450 is the correct.

    As the watch's back side is saying.

  4. Max Longo says

    To me Suunto never again… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTKeXsXM4Po

  5. John Lucas says

    It's worth using a new O ring with some silicone grease applied.

  6. Shannon Chew says

    It is still alright to use deep underwater?

  7. Stanley Crude says

    Hi, what is the tool you're using to open the cover? Thank you.

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