5 Questions To Help You Choose A Dive Computer

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5 Questions To Help You Choose A Dive Computer

Choosing a New Dive Computer does not have to be difficult. Answering these 5 questions will make your decision making process a whole lot simpler.

Mares Puck Pro

Mares Matrix

Mares Smart

Mares Smart Air

Mares Quad Air

Mares Puck Air With Compass

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  1. Team Peg Leg says

    I have both a console computer, and a wrist mount computer. I find myself preferring wrist mount with AI as I can easily check it even in the middle of a task and see both my decompression profile and my gas remaining.

  2. Mike Smith says

    Hi Brian, good video as always but since it is aimed at new divers surely question 1 is budget? Do people who are new open water divers really need to consider a $1200 computer when a $2-300 unit will be more than adequate for their initial needs?

  3. moralesforlife says

    Like always enjoy all your videos have all my friends subscribed please keep pumping out videos as well as taping your dives. Have a wonderful week buddy

  4. Ivory Johnson says

    Thank you again for the sharing the knowledge and being manufacture neutral

  5. rob9876 says

    I bought the Mares Puck Pro Plus as the first computer for my son and me (both of us novice divers). Great price for new divers buying all of their new gear. One button is both its strength (simplicity for new divers in the water) and its weakness (gets annoying navigating settings and logs). Overall, still a solid choice for the price.

  6. b st john says

    Im sure mares is a good computer but i agree
    But i do have a mares puck , aries , oceanic & uwatec

  7. djjoshua007 says

    1 shearwater
    2 shearwater
    3 shearwater
    4 shearwater
    and 5 shearwater

  8. rotflol6666 says

    And over time you will end up with 5 computers 🙂 Mine are 5 working Suuntos. Always a D6 or D9tx on the wrist and too many transmitters too (2 x 2)

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