Mask De-Fog Lighter Trick

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How to get rid of the silicon layer inside the mask by using a lighter to avoid unwanted fogging.

Be sure to use only on tempered glass! :O

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  1. Taylor Fortin says

    Hey big mahalo for the video going to try this out once I buy a good mask and snorkel

  2. Neem Tree says

    Is this tempered glass?

  3. Rodrigo Ponte says

    Should we do it with mirror lens?

  4. RACCHIETTO says

    What you are seeing is not silicone burning away, the fog is just condensation, caused by the flame, which creates a temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the lens, the reason why the fog goes away is that the heat of the flame causes the tiny droplets (condensation) to evaporate; as for the black resedue, it's just soot from the lighter (look it up), you could see the same thing on any surface, even on a piece of ice.
    That's why you still have to spit or spray defogger on the lenses before every dive, heating up the lenses does absolutely nothing.
    It's silicone by the way, silicon is a material used in computer CPUs and other kinds of electronic chips.

  5. Ruel Somiyaya says

    Now i have an adea
    Thanks for this video

  6. seagangsta b says

    Thx home-skillet!

  7. Juan Bayona says

    What is the purpose of the silicone we are burning? Aren't we damaging it at some point?

  8. Joey Ortiz says

    The black residue is not silicon/silicone/whatever you think it is. It's uncombusted fuel, because you have a very rich flame producing lots of soot / large carbon particles, particles which immediately attach to the bottom of the glass (and your hand if you put it into the flame quickly). These particles may provide a defogging effect if they are highly hydrophilic.

  9. Akram Storm says

    this is the perfect way to remove the fog

  10. Ìvęřśøň Bąĺďóś says

    Is ok with poly carbonate

  11. penkata drums says

    Ok guys, listen. I burned the silicone with the lighter and the masked stopped fogging completely while it was still warm from the flame. However when it cooled down it started fogging up again, should I repeat? Or is there no way to stop it completely from fogging?? Thanks

  12. Aritc_Monkeys416 says

    boi you need to clean your mic and camera before you clean you mask jk great video 😀

  13. Rafael Duarte says

    thanks man just save my as

  14. AnonHeel says

    Saliva is fine.

  15. Amr post Man says

    will I burn the mask every time I diving??????

  16. Brent S says

    Why not just use sea buff

  17. Rudy Castro says

    ajax or comet vs lighter method which one works better?????

  18. greg77389 says

    Why don't they just give masks a clear, hydrophobic coating?

  19. Sandra Choong says



  20. Madelyn Goodner says

    Thank you! What a great tip!

  21. Ekfantos says

    Guys this may work, but i'm concerned about the glass cause when they temper the glass they do it in a specific temperature and the fire may alternate how strong the glass is.So, i whouldn't really recommend this solution because when you dive deep enough and the pressure increases they may shatter in your eyes. The shampoo solution really works and it is safer so..Dive safe everyone 🙂

  22. Mike Rivero says

    My mask is pretty much brand new awesome trick I blow into the mask and it doesn't fog up thanks man

  23. Wissam Elamleh says

    Hi dear, does it harm the anti reflect coating (ARC) technology on the Atomic Aquatics subframe mask? Just worried might damage the coating. Btw, it doesn't really fog after applying baby johnson shampoo honestly. Thanks in advance.

  24. melissa o'callaghan says

    hello I just tried this with 2 very through rounds and im still getting for I have only tested while sitting at computer just now ,dose this only work if you use your singed mask in water the reduce the temp….what's the go.

  25. Eric Muscat says

    hey…i bought the technisub micro mask today, if I do the lighter trick I dont need to make the toothpaste trick too ?

  26. Mike Neeson says

    It works, the initial fogging you see is from the lighter. It is the condensing water vapour from the flame. It is condensing on the film of silicone. I did this a couple of times, after the second treatment, no fogging from the flame as all the silicone was gone. It works. Highly recommend it. Thanks Nautilus!

  27. Jason MacLean says

    Cute dog

  28. Jaqen H'ghar says

    i am so late for this vid, already bought an anti-bead and defogger that didn't work.
    will try this ASAP. thanks! 😀

  29. Pipi fakidomiti says

    Nice video my friend I do deep spearfishing freediving and sometimes I am in the water for almost 12 hours without taking my mask off apart from clearing my nose and having water. I do what u say always on my new tempered glass mask and only the 1st time before I dive. After that I wash with fairy liquid with sea water, rinse very well and spit on each lens, then rinse again but do not touch the mask lens with gloves/fingers. Learnt it many years ago by a pro underwater welder in Pireaus I met when I was doing time at the port. Try it , it works 100%, I have dived 14 consequent hours with a hookah that way.
    Thanks for the video and nice speargun by the way, is it a 150 cm?
    Take care and always dive and return safe

  30. usman syed says

    That's not silicone it's fog. U can't see the gas

  31. David Brookes says

    No no no no no.

  32. Water_Chant says

    WOW THANK YOU !!!!!

  33. Blue says

    Quick tip: Do this once and once only. When you want to dive just put on some CLEAR shampoo, wipe off the excess and lightly wash it off drying the mask again. You should still be able to smell the shampoo fairly strongly. I did this and I was in the water for about 4 hours. Didn't need to take my mask off for fog once. Dive safe.

  34. Doug Tyree says

    Good tip, I love to shoot underwater Snorkeling Video's in South Florida!

  35. Peter W says

    Nice one will give this a try but anyone else think that the "silicon" burning that you see is in fact steam? Butane (C4H10) + O2 gives CO2 and H2O. Cheers.

  36. MagnaRacing10 says

    cause some "messy fingers"

  37. NautilusSpearfishing says

    I've done it 5 times on mine, now hardly ever fogs :]

  38. Gixxer Jax says

    I just tried this on my mask as I have my PADI dive course tomorrow for 3 days, when I lit the lens up I could see it burning away all that stuff, I put the mask on and it didnt fog!! heres to hoping it stays like that tomorrow xD Thanks for the video!!

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