How to change blades in Gara Pro Modular fins

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Calvin Lai from Hawaii shows us hot to correctly change blades in Gara Pro Modular fins

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  1. aji widiatmoko says

    Dear Cressi, i would like to change my plastic blades become carbon fibre, does this carbon blades fit to all size of foot pocket ?, fyi i used size 38/39, because i'm worried my new carbon blades have little bit different position of nut holes

  2. FreediveRN says

    the gara footpocket does only fit with gara blades or other brands aswell?

  3. Jadwiga Nałęczna says

    Remember to hang the tip of the rails when to will pull of the clip. Put the duct tape on the tip off screwdriver to not destroy clip. Unfortunatly I destoryed the rails ;] You shold told that it is good to put soap before removing clips.

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