Casting an Aluminum Scuba Dive belt weight from an ABS 3D print 3/4

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Casting of lead for Scuba Dive weights.

The plan is to make creating movies:

– Drawing mould on CAD Fusion 360

– 3D print the ABS plastic mold and surface treatment

– Cast aluminum mould – sandcasting (This film)

– Casting of lead weights

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Rating: 4.60

  1. Zakaria Jaqa says

    how can i get this
    i wanna buy it

  2. Tom says

    This is way too much work for a simple lead mold. I guess if you have to buy the kildry oven. Why not just buy the laed weight and be done with it. Too much cost here and time for a dive weight.

  3. Aist says


  4. Eric Strebel says

    The title is not correct, it's not an aluminum 3D printed mold, its a mold created from a 3D printed part to make and aluminum part. You totally mislead people with the title and you don't show the part where you remove the 3D printed master part either.

  5. Tom Peterson says

    When I've done lost PLA casting before using dry playsand my sand always soaks up a really sickly toxic kind of smell, does this happen when using greensand?

  6. 10babiscar says

    this is retarded, do you want to get lead poisoning.

  7. Ask me says

    What type of sand/dirt is this?

  8. mariobmw730 says

    Hi I would like to buy from you the form for casting the lead ,what is the price for the form to 2kg and 5kg if you have for sale?

  9. Carlos Arango says

    Ooppss.. you forgot to show one of the most delicate steps in the process, how to remove the mold. Most important is the release agent, in this case baby powder. There are different techniques to remove the mold, first a high frequency vibrating device is used to free the mold before or after spliting the box, then screws are used as handles to pull out the mold.

  10. Dave J says

    How did you take the plastic mold out of sand

  11. Mad Man Mitch says

    Can you re-use the sand or do you throw it away?

  12. Joseph D says

    Superb video and a really great job – Well done 🙂

    Thumbs up from Me!

  13. Lukas H. says

    This is my dream, printing 3d Models and our them with aluminium!!
    NIce work man!
    When u degas your aluminium u would have a better quality 😉

  14. Steve Graziano says

    3d printing makes the job of patternmaking quick. wish i was more computer savy and had a 3d printer. thumbs up to u

  15. 5assedmonkey says

    If you want to sell one of these moulds I'm very interested.
    I live in Sweden, so I assume shipping wouldn't be that bad!

  16. Auarhau says

    Stilig serie, selv om de kommer i feil rekkefølge:) Må prøve å støpe alu en gang jeg også. Ser spennende ut.

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