NEW – SOG Seal Team Elite Knife Review – Best Survival and Military Knife?

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NEW SOG Seal Team Elite Survival Knife Review from – Checkout links below to see even MORE Top Survival AND Tactical knife reviews…

The SOG Seal Team Elite is an excellent choice for those who want a great all around knife for military and tactical applications, diving, hunting, camping, backpacking or anyone who wants a great survival knife for their bug-out bag that is designed to last a lifetime with minimal care – just in case.


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Not long ago the SOG Seal Team knife won a competition that was put on by the Naval Special Warfare center and recently SOG upgraded this line with the additon of the SOG Seal Team Elite. But is the Elite as worthy as its predecessor? Let’s find out…

Most owners comment on the SOG Seal Team Elite’s sharp, edge-holding blade, it’s quality build, and the excellent nylon sheath. Survival knife collectors often hold the SOG Seal Team Elite as their best knife and overall ratings of this knife come in well over 4 out of 5 stars.

If you want an award winning knife that has been troop tested in environments all over the world… and you want a knife that is going be ready for action when you need it, I highly recommend the SOG Seal Team Elite for your consideration.



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Rating: 4.66

  1. Terry Hughes says

    Performance aside, its still a beautiful knife. Gimme gimme!

  2. Carlito Brigante says

    AT- 1:52– CryOgenic – please, continue…….

  3. joe Recto says

    The Naval Special Warfare Unit chose a Taiwanese AUS 8 Knife???? Which other Knives were included in this Evaluation?
    The U.S.N. Issues the Ontario MK3 Knife. (U.S.A. Made). I heard that the Navy uses the Cold Steel SRK (Japanese Made) for B.U.D.S. Training. The U.S.M.C. issues the Ka-Bar (U.S.A. Made) Fighting Knife, Which is an Iconic,Time Honored Knife since WWII! The U.S.A.F. has issued the Ontario 499 to Aviators for Decades, upgraded to their SP-2 Pilot's Survival Knife.
    Members of Elite U.S. Military Units have the option of using their personal preferences for knives when Deployed. I'm curious how many SOG Seal Team Elite knives are actually carried by the Teams.

  4. thejasonbischoff says

    Made in China. No thanks.

  5. Rene Gubbels says

    this is not an working knife for special forces,who wants to smash windows of an car .stupid idea, it looks nice  but best for camping and hobby survivalyou can not buy an good knife under   300 dollar or under 300 knife makers are German knife makers from Solingen.

  6. Mark Hutchinson says


  7. wed prakash says

    Where can I buy these knives

  8. Nose Nose says

    We don't need the skull crusher I can brake that window with my fist, elbor or feet

  9. Arijit Shome says

    no Khukri? really??

  10. ROMEMD says

    Won’t the knife puncture the nylon sheath. My experience is that eventually it will puncture the side of the sheath near the end if the knife is sharpe and of high quality

  11. Matthew King says

    You do realize SOG knives are made in Taiwan ? I know because I know the company that make them for SOG…. wow I love Taiwanese made knives lol. Do your research.

  12. Dan Conway says

    its overpriced and overated

  13. Dan Conway says

    stop being a suck up for the manufacturers you are misleading people and will cause them to be left in the cold.

  14. Dan Conway says

    this knife is garbage dulls easily in wet conditions has too much iron in its steel

  15. Dan Conway says

    the handle degraded with salt water and no seal team will use it

  16. Dan Conway says

    Most SOG knives aren't usable in combat barely hold an edge and aren't worth a damn for woodcraft. Their folders have weak locks and are equally unreliable!


    any dealer in Hong Kong ???

  18. Heng Leong says

    is this video good

  19. Funny Funker says

    Made in China. That means quality lol.

  20. Rene Gubbels says

    Hi, the knive looks good in teh first place, but it works bad, i used it in very cold and also in hot conditions ( i am millitairy to) but as survival tool and someting more,the blade is tot smal, the handle slips in cold weather, and the riffles are useless. If you need an knife, take on with one piece of steel, and an not slippery handle, test it before in you deepfreeze,with cloves,heat it up, take an hammer, and shop wood .Does it not brake , stays sharp, and feels good ins you hand than buy it.I use the sealtac II from CRKT , from sea to land and sharpen it with an stone, very nice working tool, its an live time knife.

  21. Yol Mak says

    AUS8 is equivalent to 440B. Not an excellent steel, low to mid range. Most Americans don't even rate 440C (for some reason I don't know), which is higher quality than 440B.

  22. Jonathan says

    how is this compare to first edge 5050?

  23. Will Schmitt says

    is it legal to carry/conceal it in public?

  24. Kakashi Hatake says


  25. Rev Wolf says

    Who's truck windows are you busting out with these knives? lol

  26. بدر البدر says

    واحد يقول لهم كم سعرها بلغتهم

  27. Mike Elbow says

    the blade is stout but the edge wont hold up. Notice they didnt dare do extensive tests in this video that would prove the steel is garbage. Im sick of this company conning folks into buying their crap. 5 out of 5 because thet got paid to say so.

  28. Mike Elbow says

    garbage steel. typical sog quality.

  29. ALOHA JAKE says

    Selection of second-rate manufacturer Nante made in Taiwan. It should make in Japan if the top manufacturer.

  30. the soulpuncher says

    I saw your video and it was good thanks for your time. I just Subscribed to your channel

  31. KurokiKaze666 says

    AUS8 is comparable to 440C, not "A"… "A" would be pretty sh*tty for that price!

  32. daryl goto says

    were can i purchase the sog team elite?

  33. Ben Carriere says

    Awsome video! This channel is like the only one I watch. It's really cool how well put together your videos are. I recently tried to sign up for your monthly e-Mag but after a few tries I couldn't confirm my subscription because I didn't get the email that was supposed to be sent to me.

  34. LanCraftGamer says

    Swedish knife nice 🙂

  35. Brandon Lemoi says

    yoo i found this knife on a sidewalk when i was longboarding one day(last summer). just now seeing this video i love the knife but didn't realize it was as nice as it is

  36. Grnnr says

    Can you do a video on the kabar
    I mean the kabar usmc knife

  37. Samuel Smoke says

    knife dildos hurt

  38. ArkaelDren says

    The kind of Gov run and Owned by extremely wealthy world families.

  39. ايو ايوته says

    cool man

  40. Jack Ogden says

    What's with the long music at da end

  41. RudeSwine says

    I like the knife. hate the sheath. mine came with the nylon.

  42. Andrew the claptrap says

    that knife is on battlefield 4

  43. Noah Newport says

    Why you hurt a ford?!?!?!?! 😉 Love your videos!

  44. Floyd Scheuren says

    they break …they suck

  45. FlameCranium says

    my buck is quality made in the U.S.A.!!

  46. Brandon Rubesh says

    I bought this knife about a year and a half ago after watching this review. I was pretty happy with it and used it often out camping and what not. One day I was batoning some really hard oak with it and a piece of the handle chipped off. When I contacted SOG they told me that batoning is not covered under their warranty. I found myself confused that this company would market a knife as the toughest knife you can get, chosen by the navy seals and all that, and not cover batoning. I wrote back saying that I wish I would've bought an esee and, perhaps, next time I will. They never responded. Though I do think this is a good knife, I feel like the company that makes it should back it up more. Also after using it for some time out int he woods I was wishing I had this knife with no serrations. Apparently they don't make a fine edge version.

  47. Joel Simpson says

    Mate you gotta understand that 440a stainless steal is actually one of the crappiest metal qualities you can get in a knife, you are better off with a carbon steel or a cold steel or a blue steal blade.

  48. Dr. FeelGood says

    Atleast cut a damn potato with that knife i wanted to see the blade in action!!

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