Freediving equipment. Freediving nose clip vs swimming nose clip

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Ever tried nose clip for Freediving? No? You should! Very useful device for all apnea training, both in the pool and open water!

We are the first PADI Freediving school on Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand, which offers freediving courses for all levels, from complete beginners up to Freediving Instructor level. We also offer freediving training on a daily basis, both in the pool and open water.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments.
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  1. Crystal Freediving says

    Thank you for watching! If you have any question, please fill free to ask me in comments!

  2. nana flipper says

    I kept loosing some of my swimming clips during swimming and I couldnt find them. So, I 've just bought a mares nose clip because it has a strap.

  3. Xxx Xxx says

    Very helpful vid

  4. Dragomir Ronilac says

    You are not logical. You don't need to equalise the mask when you use googels in place of mask, not because of clip. So basic misinformation by someone pretending to give courses… I would avoid this school.

  5. Raquel Vasquez says

    can you give a demonstration of someone diving with a freediving nose clip I'm kinda nervous using one for diving I grew up not being used to swimming without plugging my nose I've been drowning several times and I want to learn to dive I can't find a nose clip strong enough for diving if the one you showed us work could you tell us where you bought it or where I can find a good one

  6. Willem Shepherd says

    Hey! Thanks for the tips. Do you have a specific brand that you suggest?

  7. Rizky Sanjaya says

    keep it up

  8. Emily Dinges says

    I want to learn freediving but I was told that I needed to practice holding my breath and swimming back and forth in a pool first. Any advice?

  9. ÇØŁØRßß ÇØŁØRĘD says

    Why do u look angry it’s scaring me

  10. dale bartush says

    nice write up

  11. A.N. Lima says

    I have been using the smaller nose clip for 50m dynamic apnea, so far so good.

  12. daivengence says

    if you use the nose clip on the mask, how would you equalize your mask because you need to exhale into the mask correct?

  13. Martin Björkvall says

    William Trubridge often uses the swimming nose clip for very deep dives. I also like it in the pool because it doesn't press so much on the nose and it has very little drag.

  14. bradcool2k7 says

    Can you show us a bath tub breath hold?

  15. Denis Malakhov says

    i always thought thet the real nose clip should be made from the shark bone you killed.(she tried to kill you, but you won)

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