STIDD Autonomous DPD Diver Propulsion Device at DSEI 2017

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At DSEI 2017, STIDD Systems launched its autonomous DPD Diver Propulsion Device. The STIDD DPD is the most widely used military-grade underwater mobility platform in the world. With hundreds of units in operation by maritime forces, the DPD offers combat swimmers a NAVSEA 9310 certified, ANU listed, underwater mobility system which is proven, fast, robust and reliable.

At DSEI 2017 stidd unveiled the OM2 Optionally-Manned Vehicle Package. OM2 is a transformative system of vehicle control
features that enable full remote autonomous control of the DPD.
OM2 features include:
• Automated Antenna Mast
• Automated Throttle Control
• Communications Receiver
• Network Sensor Integration Hub

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