Testing The Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask At Navutu Stars Yasawa Island Fiji

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A bunch of Givers made comments suggesting what I need to do with the Seaview 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask so here at Navutu Stars Yasawa Island in Fiji, I tested those suggestions. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy:

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This is vlog 146 since I began this channel in August 2015.

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Rating: 4.44

  1. 英会話TonariNoTony says

    Mate, great work. Absolutely loving these. Excellent resilience in your testing too! You didn't give up at all!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. zach gaming says

    I want a snorkel mask that you can breathe under the water or diving if something like that exist and not to expensive (Philippines)

  3. Peter King says

    Don’t spit in your mask, may cause an eye infection. Use commercial defog (
    or dishwashing liquid – just rinse it out before using the mask).

    You need a nose clip rated for diving. We had to use them on our military No. 8 set, and they work. But honestly the mask should incorporate a clip for ear clearing. My full face scuba mask has such a device.

  4. dsr20631 says

    you might need to go more than half a metre under before you can equalise

  5. YAMA says

    Dude a swimmers nose plug then you can equalize

  6. bernard chin says

    Gonna cancel my order now. Thank mate

  7. Fatoom Alameri says

    Sorry but I used it and it is excellent, you do not like it because you are a skilled swimmer but very good for beginners.

  8. Sean Knight says

    Have you not tried the Ninja Shark. Perfect access to you’re nose. Well built and haven’t had fog up yet.

  9. john mcconnell says

    I thought you were meant to keep the inside dry to help with the fogging up.

  10. Franz Solis says


  11. Treasure Kings says

    new comment to an older video. the mfg does state the mask is not for diving. I am not sure if that is a new statement from them. thanks for the video.

  12. Gucchi Man says

    Gives a minute: Have you tried.on with a longer snorkel ? I own one.

  13. MelissaStarfall says

    Or buy an anti fog spray????? Not expensive what's so ever -.- the fffff

  14. Luis Diaz says

    Use your swim fins on your foot to be a complete snorkeling guy…you do not get tired that much.

  15. Gelums says

    Thanks for the video. I had this item from triboard in my cart for 3 days, really tempted to buying it. I found about the co2 issue and I don't think it's worth the risk. I just hate water getting in my mouth when swimming and saw your video on the Wonice dual chamber snorkel and thinking of getting that instead. Thank you!

  16. Tung Lee says

    so maybe it's just me but I can equalize by trying blowing into my close mouth.
    Also, from the videos while you were under water, looks like there is a problem w/ the sealing. you can see the water running down the mask on the inside. Maybe try making the mask tighter to your face? that may also fix the fogging up issue.
    As for air circulation, it's base on designs, some full face mask are better than others, I try not to breath in using my mouth to prevent sucking the the old air before it has chance to escape. Maybe just in my head, but seem to work better for me that way.

  17. James Stewart says

    i have the exact same one, i put a little bit of water inside of the "breathing area" to make the air feel better

  18. Dave M says

    Hey Mate, I am watching this video in July of 2018. Have you come across any sure fire way yet to keep down the fogging problem, since doing this video? There has to be a solution that actually works across the board on all masks of all types. Is there some sore of lite filter of some kind the could help with the cycle of Co2? Also, the scent of the mint from the toothpaste, kind of makes me go off on a tangent thinking about fragrances for your snorkeling experiences. I liked the over head video footage. Was that drone footage?
    Nice video editing on the children's choir. Multiple filming positions, thumbs up!

  19. Every game Edits says

    I don’t get why he needs to equalize at 3 feet. I’m not a diver or anything I I need to do it at around 9 feet

  20. Luka Petrinjak says

    Try to dive into the water, and your face must be cold, then spit in the mask and wash it and put it on your face no longer blur

  21. Stephen S says

    Αdvertising is fake, I allready tested mine twice and anti-fog is noncense! Even if there is a coating of anti-fog film, this one disapears sooner or later (I mean within one day or two) ! And then…..an anti-fog solution becames handy. An anti-fog spray and so on…

  22. Stephen S says

    Αdvertising is fake, I allready tested mine twice and anti-fog is noncense! Even if there is a coating of anti-fog film, this one disapears sooner or later (I mean within one day or two) ! And then…..an anti-fog solution becames handy. An anti-fog spray and so on…

  23. niclas ebeltoft says

    Its not a minutt its 16 min learn to count

  24. Dragomir Ronilac says

    You spit on a dry glass, rub and then rinse… but this seems to be plastic so it will fog regardless

  25. Roger Turtle says

    Dont buy this product. this thing will be pulled soon i think.
    I had one and took it back.
    here is why.
    it does not expel your Co2 , within a minute your breathing in your old stale air.
    its suction on your face and eyes is no good either.
    if you like going under water and swimming around this is not for you.
    Just get some good old fashioned goggles and hold your breath.

    And here is the main point i want to make.
    very dangerous even for an adult.

  26. Fya S says

    Wait what you can go underwater with this! How?

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