How To Stop Your Diving Mask From Fogging.

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If you have problems with your diving mask fogging while relic hunting in the river, this video will show you a way to help reduce the problem.
EDIT: It does work better if you spit on the glass when it is DRY. Thanks solswis.

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  1. Pasto Vasquez says

    Just try it works .just do this pee on it. And clear up fast and then washed off and you ready to dive.

  2. Joseph Pawlowski says

    the step no one knows about…peeing into the mask from the depths of your bladder

  3. Shadow X says

    Spit works better than the snake oil and shampoo

  4. google sucks says

    get ur face wet" gud 1

  5. _ ZEN_ says

    Dude you looked like luke skywalker at the end

  6. ATLISZILLA says

    Thanks for the tip

  7. Mishary El Professor says

    Instructions not clear my penis went through the glass after doing step 2

  8. Alex leonardi says

    Maybe that's why spitting never works for me haha, then again I always get my face wet first but it always fogs…

  9. Trevon Walker says

    Stop the hate

  10. Valery Lavrov says

    That just something, please just use any liquid solution that you use to wash dishes – few drops rub it all over inside rinse few times and here you go it will last for hours no fog at all.

  11. NotAGod - says

    Uh there is a less gross way like removing the silicon grease from the glass the n a thin layer of dish soap

  12. HanchoPOW says

    Dive shops have told me to not do this to often. Your spit will cause a serious massive growth bacteria inside the corners of your mask that makes it hard to clean. Just spend the 2 dollars and buy a anti fog bottle.

  13. TheApo98 says

    The first video that i found and shows the correct technique. I have been doing the same for years and always had positive results. Thumbs up!!

  14. R6-D2 says

    You could try using cat crap.

  15. Curd says


    Youre a funny and a helpfull man.

  16. kernel837 says

    Or just rub hair oil or any type of oil on both side of the mask

  17. No you says

    900k subs and you use that piece of shit mask lol

  18. undefined what says

    I learned that from Magnum P.I.

  19. Ali Kurt says

    Thank you for the tips!

  20. JBG TRAVELS says

    Mint toothpaste or mint gum wrapper works better

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