1. Jonathan Banks says

    If the pin fails then bye. bye EON Core.

    It would be a much better design if this was a case rubber (or thermoplastic elastomer) that with two individual bungee cords and also added a little more protection to the unit. Much like on the other Suunto products.

  2. Hotspur37 says

    Great computer but the buckle on the strap that comes with the Core is junk. For an expensive computer it seems like Suunto went for cheap on the buckle part. I have replaced the pin because it split and the prong barely is long enough to catch on the frame. The zoops had a far better and more secure buckle and larger thicker pins, I finaly took the strap off an old Zoop and put it on my Core.

  3. ZELTHELD says

    Would also favor here two single loops, cutting the bungee in half, in case one bungee loop rips (age of bungee, sharp obstacles). As you show it, say good bye in a real worst case situation to your dive computer, as all can become lose.

    It is also possible to use it as you show it, not cutting the bungee for two loops, but simply add two more knots. When starting the second loop, make a know after minute 2:37 and make one more knot before going back into the housing at 2:43.

    Just my 2cents. I wish I could own an Eon Core, a bit to steep for me, diving on Vyper and Vyper 2 currently, so hardcore Suunto fan. As I see it the clear design (GUI skins) clearly best in transparency and design the best out there.

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