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Unbelievable Design, Unsurpassed Performance:
Brace yourself, because the future has just arrived. In another industry first, Scubapro has broken through long-standing barriers in BC design and manufacturing with the introduction of the Fluid-Form 3D Gel System, featured on the brand new Hydros Pro back-flotation BC. Traditional BC harnesses are manufactured using a CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) process, in which multiple layers of fabric, foam and backing are cut to shape, stitched together and then finished with edging tape and detailing. Scubapro’s exclusive new Fluid-Form 3D Gel System replaces the CMT process by injection-molding harness components in soft, highly resilient thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and then assembling them in a modular, mechanical process. This patented injection molded Monprene Gel Harness is the heart of the Hydros Pro design. It provides the BC with loads of features that improve comfort, stability, maneuverability and buoyancy control to enrich the overall diving experience.

To begin with, because the gel conforms to the body, you end up with an extremely ergonomic fit and very efficient load distribution free of pressure points, particularly over the shoulders. Secondly, the Monprene harness retains virtually no water so it weighs less post-dive and dries quickly. This allows the Hydros Pro to be packed away hours earlier than what’s usually possible. Finally, the fabric-free construction provides excellent resistance to UV and chemicals, and because it is modular it offers divers a “BC-4- Life” that’s customizable and easy to repair. Virtually every component, including buckles, can be replaced without stitching. The Hydros Pro packs easily and includes a backpack that provides room for your entire dive kit. The Hydro Pro, a premium back-inflation, weight-integrated BC, is unlike any BC currently on the dive market. Built to last, it is the ultimate BC for all divers, from the warm waters of the tropics to temperate and cold waters the world over.


Rating: 4.77

  1. Bidly Movies says

    Mule: You do not sound very disgruntled.

  2. Disgruntled Mule says

    I have this BCD, and it's awesome.

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