What can happen when you wear too much weight freediving or spearfishing

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Being overweighted for spearfishing and freediving would cause you to sink to the bottom of the ocean if you have a black out.

He who lives the longest catches the most fish!

Check out this short video on how to test if you are currently overweighted.

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  1. MrWolfsack says

    800 pounds, 2 ton anvil, massive ballsack

  2. john U.S. says

    The best way to figure out The correct weight is put your suit on. And weight if it doesn't pass your nose u r good. İf it passes your nose u put too much weight. That simple. The Line is your mouth and nose level. Shave for best result mask. Salt level, suit level, human weight are All variables.

    For spearhunters there are options to choose Leg weight, chest weight according to your spearfishing style. Agaşon.

    İn meditterranian usually 80 kg man uses 4 kg.
    With suit 7mm 8 kg
    5mm suit 6 kg
    3mm 4 kg.

    For black sea m 12 kg or more so salty.

    For ocean probably less weight. Less salty. 1-2 kg less probably.
    Best to ask around and try it for yourself.

    One thing to know is belt safety. And taking off The belt easily if needed. Pros say Less weight is better, safer.

  3. Ej K says

    Shit, my dive belt weights are 13.5kg (30 pounds)……i wear 5mm 2 piece open cell wetsuit and I weigh 120kg (265 pounds). I’m definitely a heavy weight Free dive spearfisher man lol

  4. RDproductions says

    simple trick. have a small boat above you with a string haing down into the water. on the end of the string tie a thick knot. if you begin to sink and you dont have the energy to swim back up with the weight, just take off the belt and attach it to the rope. it will sink to the bottom of the rope and get caught on the knot

  5. totilsom says

    Weight of diver and lead weight, what about the suit thickness – 3mm, 5mm, 7mm?? single or double suit THAT makes the difference on float-ability

  6. maggersssbro says

    You would sink regardless of weights or not in a blackout..

  7. einzeltier says

    so you sink when overweighted (+ exhaling in cause of a blackout)… thx for figuring that out :b

  8. isola_d_elba2006 says

    I weight 187 pounds and usually wear 11 pound of lead, i'm neutral at 12meters (whith air in my lungs) and my freediving suit it's 5,5mm thick, when a go deeper than 60 feet i use only 8,8 pounds. It depends on how deep you go. If you want spearfishing in 15 ft of water you need a lot of lead to be neutral at the bottom.

  9. JBuch45 says

    Would 5 pounds be ok for a guy that's 180? No suit shallow dives tho only 25 ft max

  10. MRBlackSmithMR says

    10 pounds for 210, with 3mm suit should be OK. Strange thing, but, anyone is different.

  11. ImmersionFD says

    I'm wearing a 3 mil freediving suit.

  12. kahl harmon says

    how thick is that suit he is using?

  13. ImmersionFD says

    great to hear pedro!

  14. Pedro De Armas says

    thank you for this video, made me think twice on my weight selection.

  15. crankatorium says


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