How to Change a Battery on Dive Computers Video by

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This instructional video shows you how to properly change Dive Computer Batteries for Wrist Mount Computers and Computer Consoles.

Depending on which model, Console Computer batteries can be changed easily with a quarter. Simply remove and replace the battery, replace the O-ring, and screw the battery cover back on.

Wrist mount computers come with specialized tools that aid you in screwing and unscrewing the battery cover. These usually come in a kit with the battery and O-ring.

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  1. Abdelrhman Fathi says

    Should I use a new orring? Because I used the old one and I am not sure if this gonna leak ? Any advices??
    Thank you

  2. Joao Dias says

    Good video.

  3. belizeandiver says

    Gread video. Do you happen to sell the replacement strap for a Uwatec Smart Z dive computer? My one broke and would like to replace it.

  4. DaveSp8 says

    Thank you. Good.

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