Best BCDs – 2019

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Best BCDs – 2019
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In this weeks scuba advice video Mark talks about the best BCDs to look out for in 2019.








Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 4.90

  1. Jeremy Ong says

    I am rather pump and the issue with BCDs are that it will move above my stomach so I need a crotch guard to strap down. What are the best BCDs for these? Going after the wing type with integrated weight

  2. GimpGunfighter says

    Guys what about something like the Rapid diver bcd or Hollis R.E.D as a first diving bcd

  3. Cheryl Babineau says

    Loving the ScubaPro Hydros. Feels so comfortable on and it forms to my back. The way it grips lets me actually do barrel rolls underwater without tank shift. It is the only neutral BC so average weight loss it 6 pounds. I was diving with 22 pounds and now only need 16 in my 7mm wetsuit. Pockets on a BC are useless once you put the unit on so I love that the BC does not have them. There are lots of great add ons and I got the large thigh pockets that easily attaches to the BC and my thigh giving me a large pocket similar to my drysuit that i can easily get into while diving. The chest strap can be moved up or down to find my comfort level and the weight pockets/belly strap can be lengthened or shortened. For travel i can remove the pockets and put on the harness making the unit ideal for travel. The back pack that comes with it i have packet my BC, reg, computer, mask, snorkel and fins in for easy carry on.

  4. T J says

    Got any pots and pans under there? Full set of crockery to while your down there.

  5. Alison Anthony says

    I love my new Cressi Skorpion. Light and durable and a amazingly comfortable and form fitting. An outstanding BCD.

  6. Yechiel Rechtschaffen says

    Once you use a back plate and harness, you can't go back. I use the hollis. But the xwing looks great too

  7. sayittrue says

    ive also got the hydros pro,great bcd that fits like a glove both to my wetsuit and drysuit

  8. Monique Anderson says

    Hey there guys! I love watching your reviews because I learn something new every time! Would love to get a take on some of the women’s BCDs out there.

  9. Faris Abdulkhadir says

    I’ve got both the xblack and hydros pro which are amazing. However my hydrospro seems to be very very fragile and I’ve had to replace parts as the monoprean at the shoulder link and the weight pockets on the side was tearing up due to the weight.

  10. acewings221 says

    What about Zeagle?

  11. Paul White says

    I don’t know why everybody has a hate on for the jacket style BCD’s…….is just because the BP/W people have made you feel silly for wanting something you were trained in, and you don’t want to look like a beginner? Having said that I have a Hydros Pro and love it.

  12. Jim Ryan says

    I like my Scubapro glide. Lots of pockets and D rings.

  13. Bart van den Boom says

    I got the seac pro 2000. Really Nice system that doesn't squeeze

  14. Anthony Largeanus says

    Please do a tech BC/wing video

  15. Duncan O says

    The Outlaw is not just great for travel. I use mine UK drysuit diving with a 15 ltr cylinder no problem. It is light, strong, well designed, comfortable, & minimalist . . . all you need in a recreational BCD. The bladder has plenty of lift too. Oh & it looks a work of art.

  16. Kai Woessner says

    It is my first time diving tomorrow,i am 13 years old and have been watching your channel for a long time any advice.

  17. Tidal 9 says

    I use the aqualung Zuna, I would highly recommend it to any diver who wants a streamline kit, it does hav only one small pocket though, so it’s kinda hard to store gloves

  18. Team Peg Leg says

    DIR Dudes: Have you heard of our lord and savior the Hog harness? ;-P

    I'm just joking DIR dudes, please don't drown me.

  19. Jose Antonio C. Buencamino says

    I love my Aqualung Axiom. It takes a 200 step staircase to get down to the Dive site and it's a huge relief to have all that weight on my hips instead of my shoulders.

  20. eskimo555 says

    Love the XDEEP

  21. Samuel Self says

    Not a huge fan of full jacket BCs. Too bulky. Too limiting. Terrible swim profile. For my first BC I'm jumping right in to the Zeagle Covert XT. Eventually I can see myself putting together a backplate system.

    I like the minimal footprint of the Covert XT and I like the MOLLE panels. I wish more BCs used MOLLE. I want to put a cumberbund in to the XT too because I find them well suited to my needs.

  22. Dan Bowkley says

    I'm still really partial to the Zeagle Ranger. Wing, awesome weight dump system (it's fiddly to reload, but it only dumps the actual weights) and it's super comfy. Oh and mine is pushing 20 years old and still holding up beautifully.

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