1. hon yee chou says

    My latest luv tools…

  2. not cool , 30-60 hrs battery life

  3. and again made of plastic , not so smart

  4. shinzui martin says

    If all reviews could be like yours…
    Great video

  5. Clive says

    Just got mine and its Beautiful, is VPM a possibility?

  6. HypnoticAbyss says

    wish dive computers were not so expensive

  7. Benjamin Baril says

    Saving up 😉

  8. Max Longo says

    It looks great ! I have a PERDIX and very happy with it. I prefer bigger screen for tech diving mostly. But a watch like this will be awesome.

  9. Clara Wakefield says

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  10. kadrik0 says

    Wish you had announced it a little earlier. The perdix and the Oci were my top picks but I opted for the OCi since I liked the watch look, both were easy to use, I liked the perdix compass better, but I liked the OCi alerts better. I just bought my OCi last month. I probably would have got the Teric instead had I known since it fixes all my little nit picks with the perdix ai. Oh well, if it floods I know what I am buying next. Hopefully you have a screen protector in the works. I know you shouldn't need it with the sapphire glass but most of my watches take that as a challenge and usually lose at some point. I love the buttons on this, I noticed how the icon changed so you always know what the buttons do as you jump between modes. Plus it seemed to jump between menus incredibly fast. Looks like you have a winner.

  11. Ralph Bechara says

    I am a little confused about the integration of Teric to sky diving shared in previous video. Can anyone answer me

  12. Paulo Lyra says

    Awesome !!!!

  13. Edward Hall says

    Well I now know what I want for my birthday present.

  14. funcionando says

    It would be great that you built a Perdix with audible and vibrating alarms. That would be awesome!!. Though ….this watch is great.

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