How to Properly Clean Your Scuba Diving Gear

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This instructional video demonstrates how to clean your scuba gear after a dive. Scuba diving equipment is subjected to harsh conditions, and taking care of your scuba gear and cleaning it will increase the lifetime of it significantly.

Rinsing and soaking your scuba regulator, BCD, and all of your neoprene and accessories is covered in the video.

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  1. diver dave says

    buy a bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo it works GREAT to wash out your wet suit gear !
    few people wash their mask n snorkel – toss them in to clean them up along with the regulators.
    I use my snorkel 20 to 30 times a month and one a month I add some bleach to the soap to clean it…
    the BC can also be washed with Johnson's baby shampoo on the outside – but buy a product thats made to clean the inside… after you empty the water n cleaner out be sure to rinse it two times with fresh water then inflate it and hang it upside down so the water can flow to the hose… wait a few hours and squeeze the water out hen fill it with air again and hang upside down.
    use a heavy wooden or plastic suit hanger and hang up your with suit to dry and leave it on the hanger until your ready to dive again – do not roll or fold it up !!!
    I bought a $25 dollar boot and glove dryer at Menards and it work great on the boots and gloves
    be sure to wash your fins
    do not place any of your scuba gear outdoors in the sunshine to dry it !
    I use Armor All – on my fins and regulator hoses to keep the rubber from drying out ! My 40 year old Rocket fins still look like new !
    before a dive put a few drops of the baby shampoo in your mask and and rub it around the glass and face seal then quickly rinse it out – it will keep it from fogging and it will seal to your face ..
    one of the products sold at SCUBA shops to keep your mask from fogging is RAIN X in a tiny over priced bottle !

  2. 1decentguy says

    They totally should have mentioned the Diverdunk. Maybe it wasn't out yet.

  3. Frank Boase says

    I have found that I need to frequently need to disinfect my snorkel, using just ordinary bleach

  4. iiCUBE OiD says


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