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Footage from me testing and adjusting my new harness…Diving negative fins, like jetfins in a wetsuit :
It is not the most ideal situation, however very manageable.
Have look and make your own conclusion.
I believe that people put too much emphasis on equipment and not enough on skills, especially personal skills and general comfort in the water.
Once you achieve great in water comfort…??? well…you can guess it not ?
*This footage was shot when I was checking out anew harness and wing

Rating: 5.00

  1. Rodzer Rogowski says

    HelloCould you write any details about the ballast arrangement?Jet fins are quite heavy, I tried them with my wetsuit and the result was poor – I think my legs were too heavy – they're lower then the reast body.I dive with single aluminium bottle 12 litre (2 kilos on the top of the bottle + 6 kilos in my BCD pockets).Probably need to chec other configurationsthanks

  2. RoboCNC Frees- & Graveerwerk says

    Still want to try the Jetfins on this situation to… (I normally use them for drysuit diving).
    Just came back from Egypt vacation with the seawing nova gorilla's but I'm not really happy with them (for frog/back kick).
    Get the feeling something in between would be better for this setup tho..

  3. Songe Songea says

    Awesome, Thanks for sharing ..

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