Answer to FAQ's on Technical Diving – Regulator of Death

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Steve Martin responds to some FAQ’s with a 5 minute training video extracted from his Sidemount Technical Online Training Materials. Q1. What to do if my deco regulator freeflows? Q2. Can you switch regulator 1st stages underwater. Q3. Can you breathe from a LP regulator hose? Q4. Can you breathe directly from a HP cylinder valve? To view the complete sidemount online training video series visit You can watch promotional videos and prices and options on video packages. Please leave me a comment below and make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel. Regards, Steve Martin

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  1. Arnold Stollar says

    Rebreathers are regulator s of death.Breathing directly from a tank or l.p.hose is stupid.Buddy breathing mis safer.

  2. Arnold Stollar says

    Master diver, E.R.Cross, had done thev’technifscts column in ‘ Skin Diver ‘ magazine,which no longer publishes , as PaulTzimolis is gone.

  3. Wally Brown says

    Thank you sir

  4. Tamer Salah Elden says

    what do u preferred scubapro or Apeks regulator ?

  5. TheCuilinn says

    isn't the answer realy to keep your kit in good order and change 'o' etc regularly. Also don't just rely on the electronics, work out your stops etc. befor and keep info on a slate

  6. Hellrazor says

    Great Video ! thank you

  7. Widget says

    Well that was very informative! I remember watching 47 meters down with a bunch of friends on a scuba placement and remember seeing the bits where the people trapped underwater end up swapping the first stages onto different tanks… Didn't think it would be possible (especially since it's a hefty beer fine to leave the dust cap off when washing the regs) but what you describe makes sense to me.

    (It occurs to me that the film makes literally no sense in many ways, they wear full-face regulators to allow for dialogue and exposition underwater but I don't think this would work with that kind of kit)

    Don't mean to say that's all I learned, it's very cool to see some of the skills used in tec diving and certainly food for thought… I dived with a guy using sidemount once and I'll admit it's got it's uses and advantages… Certainly worth consideration if I was to go for getting my own BCD in the next few years…

  8. Skeeter Saurus says

    Excellent video!!!

  9. gyula kiss says

    What your mask brand?

  10. gyula kiss says

    Which manufacturer best cold water regulators? Thnk you!

  11. NEIL HAY says

    Thanks Steve. As always great info, may save someones life by knowing something that you may not think of at the time.

  12. drmoynihan says

    Very helpful skills and answers to questions that some of us have had for years – like breathing through the hose or directly from a tank! Thank you.

  13. nobby roberts says

    Billy deans in key west …who was the first instructor to teach trim I'd back in 1991 had his Paul ryles swoping regulator at a deco stop constantly for 3 months and apart from once when the o ring had dropped out they never had a problem ….all the regulators were scubapro mk2 s or sherwood Bruts …unbalanced 1st stages !!……this was over 25 years ago !!

  14. nobby roberts says


  15. Illuztriouz Illuzionz says

    thanks very educational

  16. Joe Smith says

    Shouldn't divers drill on these techniques before they go real world? Not judging I really haven't any practical expertise to draw from so was just curious. Training for worst case until everything is locked into the divers muscle memory would seem like it should a prerequisite. Maybe the miliatry just made me overly obsessed with precision and preparation i don't know. Anyways love the video's I'm getting to learn allot 🙂 🙂

  17. rick flippin says

    nice you just got a new subscriber awesome info

  18. Sid Lawrence says

    Great stuff many thanks

  19. The Essex Hunter says

    Very good, I did my tdi adv tri mix with Aaron Bruce, being a toolmaker I made him lots of gadgets which I would say he still has today…Keep up you videos Tim

  20. Great info in this video. It actually answered some questions that I've been pondering for some time. Cheers, Q

  21. Stephen Crosby says

    I like that he doesnt mention at all how screwed your SPG is after that kind of a switch…..

  22. rabukan 58 says

    Hey Steve. Enjoy your videos – very well produced and presented. In this case, you can breath from an lp regulator hose by crimping the hose, then sipping. It works best with rubber hoses, but I've done it with flex hoses as well. I would only do this if absolutely necessary, as with the deco bottle. Divers should also carry enough air to cover decompression if the deco bottle fails. Switching out first stages would really be a last resort, but worth noting. Also, a diver who does not maintain his/her personal regulators should not be diving, especially deco regs. And yes, a basic understanding of reg. repair should be taught to all divers (clearing sand, etc.)

  23. Joey LoBianco says

    Wow. Been diving for 13 years and never knew you could detach both stages underwater

  24. Morena Linda says

    2:40 holding his breath???

  25. boatman Bermuda says

    very god video. thank you . ive learn a lot

  26. Northernone says

    As an annomily in my training I've taught myself to sip off a cylinder while feathering the valve for upwards of 20 minutes at a time. As expertly stated in the video it isn't a likely scenario nor a plan A contingency. However, it can and has been done and I'm grateful I have it in my tool box when Murphy goes diving with me.

  27. Ibram Guirguis says

    Man I do agree with you, I have had the same questions and some of the situations in real 2009 and I answered exactly the same more or less but off course others who wanna rain you down says a non answered question which is " what if " thanks mate for the video I do appreciate it.

  28. Karl Marx says


  29. Nuno Girão says

    In my PADI instruction I learned to breathe from a freeflowing regulator. Just left one side of the mouthpiece out of your mouth and let the excess air escape. And pay close attention to your air, cause it will depleat the cilinder in a breaze. Another thing, I notice at 2:30 that you inhale, let a bit of air escape and hold your breathe. In spite you let some air escape, shouldn't you keep a little flow of bubbles escaping from your lungs? I know you have a superb buoyancy control, but…

  30. TONIO BARGO says

    Thanks Steve !

  31. Garrett K says

    I always thought you could breathe from a low pressure hose or tank as a last resort, but this video proves it's not worth it. Thanks for making a video about it so we do not have to.

  32. Marlon Sherman says

    Nice video! Good information.

  33. Ted Reitsma says

    Very informative. Very useful to know.

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