1. MW says

    Just have the line connected all the time on the smb – so you can use it in 3 seconds.

  2. Chris Carleton says

    I love it, but can I make a suggestion? I have a very similar setup with a bungee loop and a bolt snap but with one difference: I cut the velcro straps off of the SMB and use the bungee loop to keep the SMB rolled up when I'm diving. That is, the bungee loop passes through a hole in the reel (like how you do it) but then I stretch the bungee loop around the SMB instead of around the bolt snap. This way the bungee is both keeping the SMB rolled up and holding the reel securely against it – it keeps it really compact and it's very easy to pull the bungee off of the SMB when deploying – no need for a plastic tab on the bungee loop, even when you're wearing thick gloves!! I'm happy to see your set up though! This is the closest I've seen to my set up!

    What do you do with your double-ender? I keep mine on my shoulder D-ring and use it as a tank banger until my DSMB is deployed.

  3. bombousboy says

    Nice, but a bit too complicated.

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