How To Make Sure Your Wetsuit Fits

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How To Make Sure Your Wetsuit Fits
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Bagginess in a wetsuit allows for pooling of large amounts of water which the body cannot heat sufficiently, resulting in a cooling effect which is the exact opposite of what is desired. Ill-fitting suits may also suffer from flushing where the warm water is flushed from the suit by cooler water entering the suit.

A wetsuit should, therefore, be snug, not so tight that it could restrict breathing, but comfortably tight. Wetsuits can be quite a struggle to get in and out of so when trying one on, if you need a hand initially and have to jump about to get the suit on properly, don’t be too hasty to assume that the suit is too small. It probably isn’t.

If it feels comfortable and you have an adequate amount of movement in it, it should be fine. Scuba suits have a longer zip than surface suits which make them somewhat easier to get on and take off (the reason that surface suits have a short zip is that a zip will not stretch to allow for the extra movement Required in say windsurfing. The neoprene panel at the base of the zip is made as long as possible to allow the back of the suit to stretch – a feature not necessary for scuba diving.)

Some people may not fit into standard size suits and for these people, the only resort is to have a suit made to measure, which can be expensive and does not ensure that the suit will fit perfectly.

Due to the problems associated with made to measure suits and the risk that the suit will not meet the customer’s expectations, it is sadly not a service that we can offer. If you decide to have a suit made to measure however and you can find a reputable manufacturer, you should ensure that you are measured by a trained, experienced person because if you get even one of the many measurements wrong, you will have a very strange shaped and badly fitting suit!
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  1. joshua smith says

    The wetsuit I bought almost ten years ago, is a little snug. I calculate about two hours every other day on an elliptical machine should help me fit a little better by summer.

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    That sexy foot ^^

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