Why you should use the “Traditional mask” vs “Full face mask” when snorkeling

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Why you should use the “Traditional mask” vs “Full face mask” when snorkeling

Today we will dive into serious safety issues that are connected to the trendy full face mask that we are seeing in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

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We will teach you 4 easy steps to become more comfortable when viewing these gentle giants at the manta ray night snorkeling with the classic equipment not this new trendy full face mask.

After this video you will understand the safety issues, and whether you should rent or buy your snorkel gear.

Why buying a pre-packaged mask and fins from a big box store might not fit you properly. How to clear your mask, where your mask strap goes, should you de-fog, and how to properly store your snorkel gear and more.

The key to safety & comfort is being properly fitted for your gear.

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Here you can find more info about Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii at

Resources to learn more about the issues related to full face masks:

Maui News

Local TV:


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  1. Marie Schatz says

    Do the traditional all have the full nose thing now? I don't remember that from years ago. Was just in a shop, thinking of buying a mask and getting in the water again and I didn't like it. I don't remember it that way?

  2. adventure time Fan says

    full face mask is not good!

  3. Manal Mankarious says

    Walmart mart full face msks are bullshit.

  4. Andre says

    Just find it funny how people knock on stuff they have not tested them selves and the only comments they have is based of of the bad experiences of others. Not upvotig the fullface masks but review and comment on your experience.

  5. Marilyn Tikbalang says

    This is obviously a one-sided comparison. first and foremost, you just mentioned that you have not used the full faced mask yet but you talk like you are an expert on it. then and there it already made this "VS" video unreliable. it seems that you just don't like the mask because of the disadvantages you encounter as a diving guide such as communication , people that will want to watch comparison videos or do snorkeling are not all tour/diving guides. the co2 buildup is quite convincing but isn't the airflow of the traditional snorkel and mask the same? air enters and exits on the snorkels for both? i would love to see proof of the so called co2 buildup when using the mask. it would be terrible if that is just an your assumption since you are basically committing slander to bring the product down.

  6. Jdive Sevenine says

    Sorry but I don't take advise from a feminine looking man

  7. Rana Shaltout says

    <3 thank you so much for this guidance ..I am from Egypt and I love snorkeling in the Red sea.. its MAGICAL .. specially in Dahab i actually recommend it there are also manta rays there :D… soi decided to get my own tools so this video was really helpful ..tthx<3

  8. nev grovermann says

    There have been couple drownings using full face masks Stear clear of them They are not %100 safe traditional mask n snorkel are best The person doing the presentation needs a script Too much waffle You lose too many viewers

  9. Melanie D says

    My 8 year old really wants the full face mask, it sounds unsafe. He is pretty good with his us divers mask , but I don't think it has the thing on top of the snorkel that doesn't let the water in and the valve on the bottom of the snorkel seems crappy! He is using them in fresh water in Montana lol…. can you recommend a good set for 9 year old?

  10. jakisdat BOSS says

    Well, if you want to have fun you scuba dive. If you want ok fun you snorkle. If you want to look stupid, you use the full mask. If you want to look like you know what you're doing wear a 3mm wetsuit with fins and a traditional mask. Then you look like a pro.

  11. C R says

    My wife and I have used Ocean Reef Aria (not Head or other cheap designs) for over 3 years on 6 islands of heavy snorkeling use, every day, a week or more on each island for 3-6 hours each day. No fogging that doesn't clear once underwater for a couple minutes (condensation fogging from a hot mask is normal). No recirculation of air by design, you breath in fresh air through intake channels and exhale through the pressure relief channels. The maskes we bought are comfortable, non-fogging and give great field of vision.
    Also, being able to talk with each other (within a few feet) is a great advantageDon't go cheap and you won't have issues. If you aren't planning on free-diving, you can't go wrong with the Ocean Reef product line.

  12. BK DRAWING says

    Im from morroco

  13. {Yasenia} says

    You have some valid points. Like being able to communicate with people if you are giving them a guided tour. In scuba diving we communicate under water through hand signs, may be you could use them too.

    Now about the C02. Good full face snorkeling masks have been designed and tested for C02 build up. The idea that they have a lot of dead space and C02 builds up there is not true. With the exception of the cheap junk you find a Walmart.

    Top of the line design have the breathing the peace sit close to your face. Reducing the volume of dead space near the nose. The snorkel has dual or multiple breathing chambers. One I tested had three (I won’t mention the brand or model because I do not want people to think I benefit from the sell of them).

    The center chamber is the largest. That is the chamber that takes fresh air down to the breaking area. At the breathing area there is an one way valve to prevent exhale air from going up the fresh air chamber. Then there are two openings near the nostrils on both sides. That is where exhaled air exits the breathing area. There you find a one way valve on each side. That is so that when you inhale exhaled air can not return into the breaking area. The exhale air goes up the sides of the mask and out the two other chambers. So fresh air and exhaled air is completely separated. Every time you inhale you are receiving nothing but fresh air.

    Many cheap masks are nothing but cheap Chinese copy versions and are not that elaborate in their design. They are poorly designed, poorly made, and made with low quality materials. For the untrained eye is easy to miss these differences.

    Something else that I see many people do with full face masks that they shouldn’t, is that they try skin diving with them. They are not designed for skin diving. Always read the warning labels and the instructions booklet, it can safe your life.

    About the fog, well, stop by our local diving shop and buy some “Spit” or other similar product.

  14. vikvok k says

    I like the vid I agree

  15. vikvok k says


  16. Ilovefortnite 3000 says

    The full face snorkel mask gives me tight breathing win I take it of it’s fine agin yeah your right I’m sticking with the old won the regular one

  17. Scott Gorman says

    Been a diver since the early 70's and always use the traditional mask and snorkel, only full face I used and will use is a regulator equipped (expensive). Just was on the Big Island and we did a lot of snorkeling. Your advice was spot on for newbies on the water. If people follow your advice they will have a very rewarding experience in the other world on this planet. Everyone be safe and enjoy mother ocean.

  18. Miguel M says

    What is your opinion or recommendation on masks that have a purge valve?

  19. ich ich says

    i think in case of emergency it could be difficult to release the full face mask from ur head.

  20. Stuart Francis says

    It just needs a little practice

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