1. JoSH Bunnell says

    Did you notice that the edges around where you cut the blank out with the plasma cutter were hardened or too brittle or anything?

  2. Ambient Art Photography says

    Is there 3rd video? I'm curious how well it sharpened and held the edge?

  3. Don Davis says

    Just an FYI files cut on the forward stroke only, if you stop the sawing motion and clean the teeth of your file with a file card occasionally, your file will cut better and last longer.

  4. asdl805 says

    Nice knife, at least you chose titanium for a dive knife, which is what most are made of, unlike the idiots who think because steel is so great on land that it applies to the sea as well, i have the feeling you dont spend a lot of time in the water though because of the barracuda comment, not being hostile just saying cudas more than likely wont attack you and if they did, theyre so fast you wouldnt be able to stab them, once again no hostility

  5. mossy nut says

    That looks great especially for your first knife. 

  6. rchopp says

    Your doing a nice job for it being the first..

  7. Pops Quest says

    That is looking friggin awesome brother, hard to tell it is your first!  Nice job!

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