Scuba Diving for Beginners : How to Use Scuba Diving Regulator

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How to breathe underwater. Learn how to use your regulator in this free scuba diving lesson video from our experienced diver and certified PADA dive master.

Expert: Cole Abbott
Bio: Cole Abbott is currently working as a divemaster in Kauai, Hawaii. He holds many certifications through PADI, including Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Fish Identification and Search and Rescue.
Filmmaker: Amy Miyajima

Rating: 4.68

  1. Carlos Parodi says


  2. nuttypeanuts2012 says

    i watched the video and still have no idea how it works o.O

  3. Jatinderpal Singh says

    still i didn't forget that time when I experienced scuba diving. and that was possible only because of Exploita. All credits goes to it….!
    thnx to Exploita……!

  4. sgrdpdrsn says

    I like this scuba video from Norway:

    Diving in Bishop Harbor

  5. bored1980 says

    "Are you guys for scuba?"
    "Is like the story of the hippo. The hippopotamus, he is not born going, "Cool bean, I am a hippo." No way, José.

  6. onthewingshot says

    There should be no "Scuba diving for beginners" This is all basic stuff you learn in your open water course booklet. Nice try expertvillage.

  7. dubbys says

    0:01 skip the add

  8. HJPsullyCat says

    its kinda hard 2 understand……………
    probably ill understand it better when i start diving

  9. dasandman66 says

    I once went on a 25 ft dive, when I surfaces everything was red and flem and snot came out of my nose and mouth, did i do anything wrong?

  10. s030141 says

    I have a problem. When i go snorkelling/scuba diving, i cant dive deep very far because of pressure in my sinuses, i have no problems equalizing pressure in my ears but my sinuses do no equalize at all. Please Help

  11. joshw1996 says


  12. Zach Raifsnider says

    You should get another regulator for safety, you should have a secondary (can save your life!) if someone tells you don't needed they are wrong. its like saying you can drive with out brakes!
    as for the BCD if it deflats inflates and it fits it should be fine

  13. joshw1996 says

    i got a digital watch for diving and a primary regulator am i suppost to have sumfin else the watc tells u wat air u got and how long ur down for but is dere sumfin for the bcd so i can get it somebody write me back please cherrs

  14. Jimmy Walters says

    Im 12 and i have my advanced open water with ssi

  15. Ranch Mubay says

    First learn how to spell certified. (Clue: Very similar to certification).

  16. NauiDiver91 says


  17. Micah Alman says

    I'm only 11 but i know i can get a junior certification but wouldn't that be so cool to be 11 years old and be able to say that you're scuba sertified

  18. viperhotshot says

    i was going to get certified last year but i broke my foot and fractured my ankle so i couldnt :[

  19. TheTommy113 says

    f ;rjkrg

  20. varun009 says

    fuck you!!!

    you know the code that all us padi divers signed!! we are not supposed to teach other people how to dive unless you are a certified dm and the presentation is physical!!! you sir are a dissgrace!

  21. Carson Chiu says

    i am so happy because im going diving on the 16

  22. JP Huard says

    As tu déjà plonger au "Devil's Throat" à Punta Sur? (J'ai lu que tu es à Playa del Carmen et de Marseille originallement)

  23. JP Huard says

    Does he look like a PADI Divemaster to you?

  24. JP Huard says

    I ask this out of curiosity, but why would you have students breath off their own octo and completely waste the free flowing air? Why would you not instead teach the students how to breath the air that is free flowing by tilting their head and breathing in the bubbles?

  25. JP Huard says

    Thumbs up for you, rodycombo for being bold and telling the truth.

  26. JP Huard says

    Well, you usually accomplish this by opening your tank valve.

  27. ay99 says

    How do you turn on your air pressure?

  28. ripperuL says

    you mean PADI divemaster?

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