HOW TO: Spearfishing Equipment Tips and Chat

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0:36 – Equipment Management
2:18 – Freediving Fins
3:45 – Masks and Snorkles
5:12 – Spearfishing Guns
7:26 – Wetsuits
9:25 – Buoys, Banks Boards and Buddies
10:58 – Everything else!

Rating: 4.85

  1. Christopher Moltisanti says

    Any spots around Liverpool??

  2. Lachie Dixon says

    silicon spray is a great lubricant for the trigger mech

  3. naufalakbrr says

    Thank you bro, this is easy to try

  4. Anthony Ywanciow says

    Can never say supple enough times

  5. طارق الخارق says

    شكراً على المعلومات القيمة

  6. Michael Jordon says

    I don't understand why​ you would need a snorkel

  7. Bernhard Hofmann says

    Great video, thanks china. I'm the other end of the country, down in Devon. Just starting again after decades out of the water. I must say that the lack of flesh eating sharks here is a welcome change from Cape Town! 😀

    Thanks again for this excellent video.

  8. FaddaWolf says

    You're a huge rob allen fan. Can't say i blame you. We have a lot of the same gear. I would also recommend break away rigs for bigger game. And stiffer fins for harsher currents.

  9. Gil Symonette says

    I want to invite you to The Bahamas to see what great fish we have here and abundant…

  10. Calvin Matthew Rowley says

    shot for the video bru getting into spear fishing and it helped allow!

  11. Bodhi Ullrich says

    Good job mate really nice video this is extremely informative

  12. Alex Mayes says

    Which of these items CAN you recommend enough?

  13. Emre Kusbeci says

    Thanks for that. Let me add something as well which will make your life easier when you are going for spearfishing.

  14. Andrew G says

    What brand is that knife with that simple cover ?? It's very stealthy and seems like it won't get caught on anything.

  15. Indiana Hill says

    Cheered thanks

  16. Alex Head says

    Hi, I leave in Dover I want where the sea is murky, I can’t travel far. Have u got any tips or near by places?

  17. Leeway Chang says

    Nice informative video! Thanks. i wanna give it a go. 😉 Cheers.

  18. chrissie elva says

    i cant afford it all

  19. Heinrich Keyser says

    Ek wou se jys n Scotse BOERTHIE haha love die video.
    Ek is n beginner so die clip het my baie gehelp.
    Van New Zealand haha

  20. Angry Rabbit says

    I thought knives were banned in the UK.

  21. supaaa mario says

    very helpful video 🙂 im 14 years old very mature and take safety very seriously im from greece and i go there every summer and ive gone spearfishing with my cousins and my parents know it but still wont let me get one my self so i always borrow one, how can i convince them (i have a few survival and diving knives and a diving diploma and my parents know how much i value safty)

  22. Paleis Heuwel says

    Dude your accent . . . are you possibly South African?!

  23. Benny P says

    You should come to Australia and do some spear fishing

  24. Arturo Aldaco says

    nice tips Bro, very useful, I start spearfishing in Mexico and its a great sport

  25. ArcticWolfAC says

    Nice video! just wandering if you know where to buy a hand powered spear, not sure what they are called but they have like a elastic band around the end which powers it. Thanks!

  26. magnum opus says

    hello men! the silicone spray you use ist silicone grease? silicone grase work for protect the spepear gun rubbers?

  27. Obione Kenoby says

    Hello can you send me invitation in facebook pleas .Thanks in advance .Plamen Lilov.

  28. Jean De Lauwere says

    great video! I thought I heard a bit of South African in your accent! En ons het beslis haaie

  29. Mr. Adventure says

    Thanks so much for your time and the awesome video. Found it very helpful. I know what I need to start now. Thanks so much brother.

  30. LaffyXD says

    Guys is this a legit website , wanna buy a spear from there?

  31. Viki Viking says

    Thanks very much for posting this, it's really helpful! What would be the most essential equipment for a beginner who travels and can't carry too much stuff?

  32. Edgunsuk says

    Hi Me again since we last talked i bought a £1200 kayak and have 2 pole spears on order , sold me 10 year old spear gun i used in turkey , the apnea thing is not going to work out till next year at least as its a return drive of over 500 miles to any location they will be using for the rest of the year , and i tried but failed to gather enough people to have a course put on for us in south wales. any set up videos on how to spearfish from a kayak, do i anchor it or use it like one of those spearfishing floats (like the one against the wall in this video) thanks again lyn.

  33. Crook mayton says

    How many sharks have you seen since you started

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