1. Ruy José says

    Melhor cinto de mergulho existente!
    Salute do Brasil Mr. Rob Allen

  2. Pacifica Fisherman says

    Thanks for your diving videos. I will be watching more of them soon.

  3. David Hamilton says

    Might be a bit dangerous having line attached to belt, could be wrong, just doesn’t seem right ?

  4. aziz Red1 says

    on africa

  5. aziz Red1 says

    why tour mark Rob Allen its not

  6. Claude Rose says

    Thanks. The bungee for reel is awesome.

  7. Dida Kingston says

    where do you get that kind of belt ?

  8. Riley Walker says

    Hey, Rob.
    i have recently purchased one of your belts, very happy with it. the only problem is i can't seem to find any weights for it. i am hoping to get the style of weight that you use in this video. I am from Australia, any ideas where i can get some lead? Cheers.

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