Budget Dive Destinations

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Simply Scuba looks at five affordable places to scuba dive.


Bay Islands, Honduras


Cozumel, Mexico

Red Sea, Egypt

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  1. Dave N Japan says

    Hook up with someone from the military base in Okinawa" Just that Hotels are a little pricey"

  2. Dave N Japan says

    My Bathtub"

  3. Dave N Japan says

    Philippines cheaper Than Thailand"

  4. Rea Raghunanan says

    Tobago, but I live in Trinidad…lol

  5. tom thompson says

    whitby a quarry in wales ,,, or some where on the south coast are budget destinations ,, indonesia , and the philippines certainly are not ,,, either you get paid a crazy amount , or theres a leak somewhere in your gas supply .

  6. Denkoss says

    My pool.

  7. peace93 says

    Also check out Andaman islands, India.

  8. ComancheChiefSD says

    Going to Malta soon, clear waters and lots of shipwrecks (including plane wrecks)

  9. FaddaWolf says

    spearfishing laws in Honduras?

  10. Mika Elf says

    Philippines and Indonesia are both very cheap and great places for scuba diving.

  11. bradcool2k7 says

    These are not budget destinations

  12. Aziz Brian Khan says

    That's my biggest problem with diving. It's a fantastic sport for water and nature lovers. But when I tell my friends how much it costs from equipment, certification, and then the diving excursion itself, definitely turns a lot of people off.

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