Scubapro Porter Roller Bag Review

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Scubapro Porter Roller Bag Review
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The Scubapro Porter Roller Bag 2019 is a big kit bag to keep all your dive gear together with a handy feature that lets you pack the bag down very small when not in use so it doesn’t take up much room when not in use.

The Porter is made for the modern, jet-setting diver who needs a big but still light bag to take all their kit with them on planes. To save weight the Porter doesn’t have a heavy telescopic handle that also means that the bag can fold down on itself to pack down small on a liveaboard or in your attic.



Porter Roller Bag

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Finthefish 1701 says

    I have this bag and love it. I'm a scuba instructor tons of travel and the lightness of the bag allows me to fit all my kit in.

  2. Reading Regent says

    Hi guys, is there a chance that you could do a ,,Tecline Us-15 compact " Torch review? I am considering buying it, but I can't find any good reviews on YT, and yours will probably be the best.

  3. joshua smith says

    I'm an U.S. Army veteran. I don't need wheels, where's the ruck sack style bag.

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